The Fault in our Stars – good luck

For those who are unfamiliar with John Green’s work, the only way to describe it is as follows: brilliant, heart-wrenching, life ruining, hollowing and beautifully relatable. Capable of claiming your mind from your skull and manipulating it in any way he could possibly choose, his books tend to leave readers raw and affected, yet always yearning for more. So, when I bought The Fault in our Stars and discovered that the main character was a girl suffering from Cancer, I knew that I was in for a hard time.

Hazel Grace was not depressed because of her cancer, she was depressed because she was dying – her parents make her attend a cancer counselling meeting of some sort and it is here she meets the angelic Augustus Waters. One thing leads to another, I’ll let you work out what happens. Driven by their common illness, they become very close.

Written in true Green fashion, the story is so compelling that you find you’ve finished the entire book in the space of 24 hours. I can only wish future readers of this book the most solemn luck; seldom will you come across such touching work as this. To those who have already read it, I share your pain.

Seriously, good luck.


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