The Squatting Craze

It seems like you can’t go on Instagram or twitter these days without someone uploading a picture of a perfectly perked bottom or someone raving about how many squats they’ve done that day.

With summer just around the corner, everyone is thinking about getting that perfect bikini bod. And it seems what every girl wants at the moment is the perfect bum! And it seems all boys want is a girl to have a perfect bum. Being blessed (or so people tell me) with a rather large rear area got me thinking, should I be doing these miracle squats too to make it that little bit firmer?

We’ve always had an obsession with Beyonce’s delightful bottom but it’s not been until recently that the average everyday girl actually wants one of their own. I remember being younger and hating the fact my bum seemed to be getting bigger and was always bigger than other girls. I often used to find myself wearing long tops to cover it up and wear anything that disguised the fact it wasn’t tiny like everyone else’s. But now it seems perfectly acceptable to wear the tightest leggings or body con dress in order to show off every inch of your behind.

So in order to achieve the perfect behind it seems everyones participating in the ‘squatting challenge’, sounds so glam I know! But after taking part in this challenge- (for research purposes only of course!) it seems it can work, kind of! Now the basics of the challenge are increasing the amount of squats you do a day, starting day one with 50 squats until day 30 when you do 250 squats, yes 250!. Finding time to do all these squats wasn’t too difficult, usually in between watching Made In Chelsea and procrastinating over the 2000 word essay due next week.

But why has squatting in particular seemed to be ranking first in the choice of bottom exercises, it’s not exactly the most glamorous position to be repeating up to 100 times a day.. I remember back in year nine P.E our rather masculine female P.E teacher made endure squat when doing aerobics. And back in the day when I actually used to use my gym membership squats were always recommended, they’ve been around for yonks but it seems apparent girls have only just discovered them.

To be honest I think it’s all a bit of a myth, you’re either blessed with a large perked bum or not. And yes squats can make your bum a bit peachier but I think everyone should just calm down, stop squatting and put yourself in a more flattering position. I mean, what happens if your hot flatmate forgets to knock and see’s you mid squat. Hashtag embarrassing!

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