Review: Bleed From Within @ Joiners, Southampton – 16/4/13

If you were ever to begin putting on live music shows in your local area, then the 16th April 2013 show at the Joiners venue in Southampton would be the most important example to follow. It’s not often that one can say they went to a 100% perfect gig; such things are hard to come by in this day and age. Problems arise all the time for bands and promoters alike, and they are hard to avoid. But this show was one of those rare occasions where everything clicked, and an occasion that showcased not only exactly how live music should sound, but also in the minds of many, cemented the bands on said night as definite rising musical talents. This was the first night in the “Uprising” tour featuring Glaswegian groove kings Bleed From Within, Milton Keynes djent-hardcore beasts Heart of a Coward and Coventry’s melodic metallers Silent Screams, and the enthusiastic Southampton crowd set the bar exceptionally high.

Up first were Guildford progressive death metallers Doomed From Day One. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a few gigs with these guys and they completely blow me away every single time. The unmatched energy of Sean Scott (singer) and the complex guitar riff patterns would make Paul Waggoner from Between the Buried and Me drop his jaw in awe. It’s no secret that these guys are on their way to being the next big thing in music. Be sure to check out their new release “Nine Fingers” when it comes out.

Following on from DFDO’s solid opening set were Silent Screams, who despite having a typical metalcore-convention to their sound (scream-sing-scream-sing) do it better than just about everybody. Normally the singer would sound very out of tune, but not in this case, as Tom Craig’s clean vocals stand out significantly. The exceptionally deep growls of frontman Joel Heywood could give Winston McCall a run for his money. They possess those VERY catchy songs (“The Way we Were”) and needless to say the Joiners crowd were more than happy. Will definitely check out again.

Up next were Heart of a Coward, who go with the whole djent sound to their repertoire, but my god does it work! Right from the get go, frontman Jamie Graham (formerly of Sylosis) has the crowd in the palm of his hands, and who delivers in the most impressive all-round vocal performance of the night – singing and screaming alternation perfection. The crowd show their appreciation to new song “Deadweight” as well as groove favourites “Shade”, “Around a Girl (in 80 Days)” and “We Stand as One”. Undoubtedly their next album is going to be huge.

Last but not least we get Bleed From Within, whose new album “Uprising” has (for me anyway) been the best release of 2013 so far, and their performance here gets exactly the same accolade for live show. They immediately set the Joiners ablaze with a hybrid of breakdowns, sweeps and sheer brutality. What stands out most is perhaps Sean Kennedy’s unparalleled vocal delivery and energy as well as the monumental groove vibe that sets everybody in permanent head-bang motion. Absolutely breathtaking as always from the Scottish band and Southampton will welcome them back again for sure.

Perfect sound, perfect vibe, perfect gig.

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