Mosquito’s by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s- a review

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their fourth album titled Mosquito’s on Tuesday the 16th of April, and of course after listening to their first single of the album released earlier this month- Sacrilege I was very excited. Too excited for my own good.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs first made an appearance 10 years ago from New York City, the age when Brenniffer- (Brad Pitt and Jenniffer Aniston) where still loved up.  They were the nice guys of the indie scene, and you couldn’t help but warm to the bedraggled hipsters, with their bright clothes and matted hair- yes I’m talking specifically about Karen Orzolek- or Karen O as she is known- the lead singer and the noughties answer to a female punk.

Since then the band have released 4 albums, my favourite being their 2nd album Show us your bones! 2005-2006. As a tween, after listening to Gold Lion, from that same album I was lured back by them from the clutches of Shakira and Nelly Furtado, and found my new favourite women singer, oh yeah and her band wasn’t so bad either.

However this new album didn’t quite live up to their other beauty’s, comparing them to the Strokes- don’t try to pretend their last album ‘Angles’ was their best. So it is fair to say regarding the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I was a little disappointed, true, the songs were still good, Karen O’s voice still as mystical and haunting as ever, but it wasn’t as amazing as I had hoped. Sacrilege was probably the only song that I truly loved as much as the rest. The other additions lacked that same magic that I was drawn to as a 12 yearold.

I cannot stress enough that the album was goodish- yeah, in some respect it had the makings of a classic but it was flawed, and when listening to it, it showed a change of style and a suggestion of transition leading to a new era for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

But perhaps I am looking into it with too much detail. Sometimes I feel when I listen to an album over and over I require a certain taste for it, like my love for olives, it took two years but in the end I got there. Maybe that’s the answer with Mosquito’s?

Nevertheless, that is just my opinion- who knows this album may be their best hit, though I doubt it. However the decision is yours to make, though right now I am sitting firmly on the fence.

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