My 5 favourite acoustic song covers

Acoustic music is wonderful. Wonderful in the sense of how it can make you feel. Literally stick a track on and it will give you optimism, inspiration, images of wind in your hair, hope, freedom. OR, choose another song and you literally feel like you have no tears left and sit in your room wallowing in self pity, re-evaluating your whole life. Yes, that feeling.

However I find acoustic songs very relaxing and will often play them while I am doing work. I especially love Radio 1’s live lounge and feel that a singers true talent is shown when they cover another artists song in a completely different way. If you love acoustic songs then trust me you will love these covers that I have found. Here goes, close your eyes, imagining yourself on a warm beach with a pina colada in your hand, and listen to these songs:


1. Emelie Sande -Imagine. This famous John Lennon hit is covered beautifully by Emelie. The piano sends shivers down your spine and whilst it might not be one of those ‘happy’ slow songs and literally does make you want to cry to yourself about all the abandoned kittens at christmas time, it really is a lovely cover. Her voice captures the melody and has an almost calming effect. However beware of her ‘talking’ voice, the peace and serenity is ruined by a scottish accent. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with a scottish accent, my mum has one but yeah everyone know’s its not the softest tone. For some reason I expected her to have a clipped english accent so it really did confuse me so just don’t listen to her talking. The peaceful image in your head will be ruined. Forever.


2. Rita Ora – Hey ya. Everyone loves Outkast’s top hit ‘Hey ya’ (apart from my mum which I find really hard to come to terms with?) and you will love this version even more. The acoustic guitar adds to the upbeat feeling and you can’t help but sing along imagining hot sun on your back rocking your shades in a way that you can only do lying in a park in summer surrounded by all your friends. For some unknown reason, Rita gives off this ‘bad girl’ London born and bred image but this song proves differently and to be honest, I think she should stick with it. We get to hear her actual voice rather than it be taken away with a rap and massive drops and beats which just shadow the true talent that she has.


3. Yet again, she makes an appearance. Emelie Sande’s version of Eleanor Rigby. Gasp, I hear you say. Why would anyone need to change or adjust a beatles song and before I clicked the play button, my nose was turned and I too had negative views towards it. However to my shock, Emelie yet again does this song absolute justice. Is there ANYTHING that this women can’t do?!


4. Sugababes – Hey there delilah. I know you’ve just seen my number 4 but before you red exit at my suggestion, take a listen. It really works. A shabby girl band that no longer have any of the original members (Sugababes is more of a logo or brand rather than a band nowadays) and a song that was good for a bit a few  years ago. For once the sugababes have shown that they can actually hold a tune rather than singing about being sexy right now and red dress. They have true talent in their voices (obviously not in words as they wouldn’t have picked the name ‘Sugababes’ and spelt it the ‘edgy’ way they have. They were so hip it really hurt but yes this track is a great one so have a listen.


5. Marina and the diamonds – Boyfriend. This Justin Bieber song is sung lovely by Marina and its probably a good job as Bieber says he will never return to the UK so I suppose Marina could do his gigs. Yes please. She has done the female version of the famous track ‘Boyfriend’ and I must say I prefer it to the original. Beat that Bieber. It has a really summery feeling and even though the words are depressing and about cheating and breaking up, I can’t help but see this as a happy song. Oh yes cynical me. Just take a listen.


So these are my favourite 5 covers but obviously there are sooooo many more out there. Boyce Avenue are truly amazing and I seriously like every single one of there songs. If you enjoy music and covers like these then simply just type in ‘Live sessions’ or ‘Dermot O’Learys Saturday sessions’ into Youtube. However I warn you. Do NOT type in Cheryl Cole ‘Fireflies’. The shaky geordie accent, no sense of tone or melody and a not even half decent song mixed with bad quality is not something you want to hear. And I’m a Cheryl Cole fan.

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