Snapchat Me!

Snapchat is new app taking smart phones by storm. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet then basically it’s a new app where you send images or videos to a chosen person or number of people for up to ten seconds, you can also add captions or draw on the image using the coloured pencil.

Doesn’t sound that interesting I realise, but it can be very amusing and can kill hours of time. It is mainly used to send ugly selfies for three seconds maximum so the risk of someone screenshot-ing your image is minimal.

I’ve had the app for a month or so now and at first with minimal friends on my friends list, the pictures I received and took were fairly innocent and humorous,  but as everyone has slowly spread the word and started also using the app the variety of pictures and videos I have received have been quite, ahem, interesting. I think it’s fair to say I’ve seen more of my friends than I’ve ever really wanted to if you know what I mean. To name a few, I’ve seen some nude pictures, bath pictures, oh and some genitals.

But it’s not all nudity and funny bits, the funniest ones have to be people pulling the most unattractive faces and overly dramatic singing to some classic songs and ones just generally being silly.

But beware, snapchatting can be deadly when on a night out. Excessive alcohol consumption + the snapchat app can lead very embarrassing and questionable pictures and videos. This is mostly when I’ve been sent the pictures of people’s private parts.

Snapchat is also a great way of sussing out who someones got a thing for, or is really talking to. If you click on the name of one of your Snapchat friends it opens up a page consisting of their profile and their ‘best friends’- these are the people they Snapchat the most. After doing this, I found a few interesting observations!

The beauty of the app is that you can choose who sees it by selecting people in your friends list and for how many seconds they can view it for. So no matter how embarrassing, there will be no permanent evidence of your silliness.

It’s an app like no other, no editing and posing for Instagram or seeing how many ‘likes’ you can get. Snapchat really is for the people who couldn’t care less. I just hope it doesn’t turn into the new ‘texting’ for young girls to find an excuse to send underwear (or worse) pictures to boys.

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