No More: Women’s weekly suspends publication

25 year old weekly magazine more! Has announced it is to be no longer. After entertaining readers with lighthearted celebrity news and raunchy relationship features, publishers Bauer have made the decision to stop press with immediate effect.

Bauer – who publish Heat, Closer, Grazia and Zoo magazine, have announced this halt due to the “downturn of the economic climate”.

Bauer Chief Executive, Paul Keenan commented: “The prospect of continuing challenging economic conditions has led us to reach this decision as the title has become unviable.”

Although more! was once a well loved cheeky women’s read, in recent years the publication has become a lot more racier, with an increasing number of sex references and ‘dirty’ humour. Bauer do not comment on more’s content, however there is suspicion that this could be another link to the decline in readership.

Since the growth of online media, publishers have been afraid that print journalism will decline and the loss of more! is only going to increase this fear.

There are a large majority of readers that enjoy holding a physical magazine; for the train, coffee breaks, holidays and leisurely reading. However the continuous growth of digital press does pose a threat to print journalism.

iPads give readers the opportunity download magazines straight to their news stand, without having to leave the house – or even their bed!

Smartphones allow journalism to be sourced by the tap of a button, or click of a news app. And although publications like Vogue and Elle will be in constant demand for their glossy fashion pages and beautiful page layouts – there is a wonder whether print will eventually be something of the past very soon.

Although more! was not a favourite of mine, I feel it is a sad day for journalism and hope that print magazines will stay afloat during this economic climate. There is little enjoyment from reading features from a screen.

Will you miss More! magazine? Or do you think online journalism is the way forward?

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