Oh look, it’s a bird! A guide to student procrastination

When it comes to studying I am truly hopeless. I must of missed the memo in high school about it all, either that or my friends were the type of people who never had to study. Do you release how frustrating that is to go through school, college and university with friends who don’t have to study or turn up to class but manage to achieve really high grades?

I am a third year broadcast student at UWS Ayr in Scotland and I can’t for the life of me plan, prepare or study in advance. At all. Not one little bit. You would of thought by now I would of managed to get some kind of system up and running that works well for studying. I am still that person who stays up until 4am the day of submission falling asleep at my laptop cup… OK it’s a mug of coffee on my desk. I don’t know what it is about studying that I can’t get my head around. I love the idea of studying and having my head buried in a great book for hours. It’s not like I’m not interested in what I’m studying, it’s my life! I love radio and I love learning about the media world… but there’s just something that stops me. It’s normally Facebook, Twitter or some sort of shop online. If there was a degree in procrastination I’m pretty sure I would have a PHD in it.

What I’m learning going through university is that nothing is easy and for myself personally I have to study and put in the hours. I am not one of those students who is out every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and even Sunday at the notorious student nights. It’s a great ideal world to be that crazy student who can turn in work on no sleep at all and probably still drunk from the night before. I need my sleep, I need to have 3 meals a day and I cannot go a day without a really good cup of tea. Does this make me boring? No. I am fun and caring and love to hang out with my mates. I’m actually fed up with people assuming that because I’m not out all of the time I don’t have a life. Maybe just kind of sort of it’s because I want that good job with the good car and the nice fancy apartment looking over the city.

You know what’s ironic about this whole article? I’m doing it instead of studying! The life of a student huh? It’s a vicious cycle really…

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