Take this Lollipop

“Take This Lollipop” is a short Interactive horror film released in 2011, Connecting with you through the personal yet public means of Facebook, it is a brilliant and effective security video.Written and directed by Jason Zada you are dared to connect, and then having given it permission to accesses your account you are taken through a scene that many fans of the horror film saw will be familiar with.

Here we meet a man with dirty fingers the starring actor Bill Oberst Jr. Typing away accessing your Facebook account, I don’t know if it is set in the video but even the dots for the password matched my own, I jumped as the music changed and my profile image appeared. It gets more uncomfortable as he searches through your images and friends list, then scrolling down your wall he starts showing flinches of anger, the second time I watched the video I noticed his reflection in the screen.

My heart pounded as his beady eyes were looking straight at me, it was like he can see through my webcam. Only then I was faced with the reality of the Facebook stalker, I sat anxiously watching him search for my house figuring out the area with the buildings and backgrounds from my many pictures I have posted or been tagged in.

He then clicks on Google maps, the reality is with Facebook and twitter having the technology of tagging devices pin-pointing your exact locations, (it would not be that hard for someone to find you.) The film ends with him getting into his car, where he enters an angry state of mind and drives to my house to potentially meet me.

The film acts to personalise the dangers inherent when posting too much personal information about oneself on the Internet. This has to one of the best awareness videos I have seen and I did not realise how much information was set to be public on my profiles, but this changed my mind to check it out and to change it.

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