Josh Widdicombe live at the Nottingham Glee Club – Review

The music fades and the show begins with Josh Widdicombe speaking on a microphone introducing a support comic called Suzi Ruffell. Before the show I didn’t even know her existence but Suzi was the perfect support for Josh. Opening the show with stories about experiences of heartbreak, treating old ladies and even some insights into her London experiences with the scary locals. Easily her energetic style on stage warmed up the crowd and I would say elements of her style reflect Russell Kane and Josh Widdicombe. Certainly worth looking out for Suzi Ruffell, as I really enjoyed her material.

After, Josh began walking on stage dressed in a two tone t-shirt, greeting his audience with waves and hellos, with a bottle of beer in hand. Widdicombe’s style is so different to your usual comic, which adds so much weight to his delivery. His comedic style is very engaging, talking about the gripes of everyday life, which everyone can relate to ranging from; how pointless an iPhones are, the variety cereals from our childhoods and even questioning the whole premise of Cludeo. Belly laughs from the start echoed throughout The Glee Club Nottingham.

Josh is a comic who really has found a style that works; even his movements on the stage had the audience in fits of giggles. An hour did not seem enough despite a lack of narrative to his material, his comedic style shines through constantly making everyone laugh. Creating a very strong live show.

It is really clear that Josh Widdicombe is a comedian on the rise, with his Nottingham show selling out with many other dates also. If you don’t know him already from all the comedy panel shows or The Last Leg on Channel 4, you will very soon indeed. He is a comedian that can appeal to anyone as he is accessible, amusing and has that comedy vibe.

‘The Further Adventures of…’ tour shows have been hugely successful and if you love comedy, want to listen to an exploration of everyday life and have a really good night. I highly recommend that you get your hands on tickets to see Josh Widdicombe, you will not regret it.

Date: 18th March 2013

Venue: The Glee Club, Nottingham

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