Iron Man 3: Review

Iron Man 3 is built much like Tony Stark’s machines; it generally blasts super-power and awe, but on a few occasions, it flies into a wall and blows into smithereens.

When his private home is destroyed, Stark must hunt down a terrorist known as the Mandarin to keep his lover Pepper safe. His relationship with Pepper is on the rocks after New York, but he does more harm than good when he slaves over new and improved Iron Men to keep her safe. He’s in a bad state, with anxiety attacks and trouble sleeping, and though we’ve started seeing the human sides of our superheroes, Stark’s dilemma of how to keep Pepper away from the troubles of his trade isn’t too dramatic. It’s nicely homely; an obsessive hobby keeping him from their bed.

A big flaw comes when Stark puts Pepper at risk by threatening the Mandarin, whose latest attack hurts his head of security and friend, Happy. Five minutes later their private home is attacked; so much for protecting Pepper, Mr Stark. Thankfully, these oddly motivated parts are few and far between.

Iron Man 3 is a roller coaster ride, and of course, it’s directed and co-written by Lethal Weapon’s Shane Black, and it had me on the edge of my seat in every action scene. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, mainly because of Robert Downy Jr, and the addition of the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley. I shan’t mention more on him, except say he has a diverse role to play. There was enough wit to keep the kids next to me laughing, and it’s great how Stark isn’t always on the top of his game, reminding us he’s an average Joe like the rest of us, albeit with a truck load of money and gadgetry, but at least, like most technology, it often lets him down.

How would I rate this movie overall? The issues melt away as the film bounds along to the engrossing finale with Gwyneth Paltrow in a revealing, ‘hot’ costume (you’ll see what I mean), and the end is satisfying enough, with Stark willing to put the toys down, for a few months at least. If you’re looking for an entertaining, action-packed, light hearted, yet still touching the edges of darkness movie, see Iron Man 3. It does the best it can do for what it is; an awesome superhero film.

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