JLS- will they split or stay?

For some reason, regardless of my dislike for JLS- what does the name even stand for? I am writing about JLS- it seems like my worst dream has come true.

Okay, okay, perhaps they are not that bad, but every band that stems from the Xfactor, or the s**t factor as I more fondly like to describe it, always makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall. However I must not let this article become too subjective, the reason for it, is that earlier this week the band announced their split, with Oritsé Williams (not the short one) breaking down on Alan Carr’s ‘Chatty Man’. Well it is emotional!

However I am not too sure if this is not some cunning way to get a bigger demand for their up-coming tour, featuring classics like ‘Beat Again’, ‘Everyone in Love’ and of course the hideous remake of the Sound of Music’s- ‘The Hills are Alive’ into ‘The Club is Alive’. I remember thinking if this is truly a good representation of British music today, then we are all screwed.

JLS first became popular after they lost to Alexandra Burke (aka a clone of Leona Lewis) in 2008 in the Xfactor final, since then they have spread the JLS joy around, HMV, and itunes being powerless against their incredible songwriting, and truly unique sound.

Or not.

However with One Direction- now being classed as the best Xfactor boyband  as well as being voted the best boyband, which breaks my heart. It is safe to say that JLS are feeling pushed out of the limelight, next stop out of Simon Cowell’s inner circle.

Maybe I am not the best person to comment about JLS, as I am not a fan and I cannot help but be critical, but I don’t think they will break up, and if they do, they will get back together, like Take That, with a hideous comeback record coupled with an appearance in Heat, and then it would be like they never split up. I mean they don’t want to upset their screaming fans (mostly made up of tweens).

Nevertheless no one can predict what will happen in the future. Me? I’m just glad for the rest-bite.

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