Day 2, my stomach is now a lion

It’s day two of the live below the line campaign, and my stomach has now started to shout at me.

I had a late night last night and could have really done with a coffee this morning to wake me up, but instead I had a hot cup of water, how refreshing.

Again I had a bowl of porridge this morning for my breakfast but by around 10am my stomach started to rumble.I was in a class and it was making some very ferocious noises which was quite embarrassing.

After my class I went home and had a bowl of lovely vegetable soup, which in all honesty didn’t really fill my up very much. I made the soup yesterday so it was already prepared in the fridge, all I had to do was heat it up.

I just feel really tired today, I think its down to the lack of sugar in my body. All I keep saying to myself is that people go through this everyday of their lives, if they can then you can!

For my evening meal I had rice with baked beans, not the most delicious combination but it definitely gave me an energy boost.

The campaign team who run the Live Below The Line Campaign sent out an email today to everyone taking part, it’s good to know that people all over the world are taking on this campaign in order to fight extreme poverty.

Keep reading my posts to see how I’m getting on!

For more on the campaign visit:

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