Cher Horowitz: Good Role Model Or Pretentious Bimbo?

WhateverLike, as ifTotal Betty. These are all phrases coined from the totally brilliant, totally clueless Cher Horowitz in the 1995 hit American teenage comedy film Clueless. We are all familiar with the classic ’90s American teenage flick format, following some high school and some high school drama. However, of all the classic teenage American films that flooded our cinema screens during the glorious ’90s, Cher still remains queen bee after 18 years. But why is she so special?

Well it could be that she is far richer, far more spoilt, glossier and more stylish than any other character in any other film of its type. Or that she has a vocabulary that is far more extensive and witty than any of her teenage competitors.

Some may judge Cher for what she is on the surface: a vain, pretentious know-it-all, who is completely obsessed with popularity and who, as the title suggests, is completely clueless about real life. Yes, of course she is. She’s 15 years old and has only ever known the safe confinements of LA and rich people’s high school. I hear they have unicorns and leprechauns in rich people’s high school. It’s THAT amazing.

Bring It OnShe’s All That and 10 Things I hate about You may have us reaching for the platform shoes and double denim with glee, but no one sums up ’90s fashion better than Cher. Every scene brings a different outfit synonymous with ’90s fashion. Oh, how I wish I had Cher’s electronic wardrobe to pick me out a different matching outfit everyday. Instead I ended up with a penchant for tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts with classic ’90s sayings on them. My favourite will always be my “Talk to the hand” t-shirt. But you can’t judge me, I was only 10 years old at the time. Oh, the shame…

So what can we learn from the girl who always takes Polaroid pictures of her outfits because she doesn’t trust mirrors? Well, perhaps today’s society would do well to listen to the morals of Cher Horowitz. After all, to hang in Cher’s gang drugs are a massive no no, use of proper vocabulary is paramount and losing your virginity to the first boy you come across is incredibly tacky. Besides having strict morals, Cher has an impeccable dress sense of someone well beyond her years and her stereotypically dressed ’90s peers. Never one to dismiss bad grades, Cher raises hers from a C to an A by making two of her lonely teachers fall in love. If that’s not using your head to achieve greater good, what is?

Perhaps Cher’s most endearing qualities are her good intentions and good heart. I think that besides all of Cher’s charming characteristics, what it all comes down to is Cher’s loveable and comforting innocence. I think we could all use a friend like Cher in our overcomplicated, busy lives. Personally I would welcome the fashion advice first thing in a morning while I’m choosing what to wear from the ‘floordrobe’.

Cher may be clueless, but compared to the over-whelming un-innocence of today’s society she’s becoming increasingly appealing to me as a good role model. I can’t help but think if bimbos with good intentions were all we had to worry about our world would be a much nicer place.

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