My heart is burning- Day 3

So it’s day 3 of the Live Below the Line campaign and I have really bad heart burn. Also I’m starting to get a little bit grumpy now, due to the lack of food.

It’s not so much the lack of food, it’s the blandness of what I’m eating. There’s no colour to anything, which doesn’t look very appetising.

For breakfast, I had porridge again, for lunch was rice with beans, which was probably the tastiest meal today.

For my dinner I had pasta with tinned chopped tomatoes, and then after I ate it I was still hungry so I ate a bowl of noodles too.

One thing I have noticed this week, is that I’m eating my food a lot slower, and when it is finally time to eat it, I feel as though I don’t want it any more.

I feel so tired all of the time, but yet when I try to go to sleep it’s as though I’m wide awake again. It’s as though I’m too tired to eat the food, but too hungry to sleep.

I can’t imagine living like this every day, not being able to just nip to the shop and pick up a chocolate bar when I fancied one.

When I first bought all of my food, I was extremely ignorant by thinking that this would be more than enough food, I thought I would not struggle at all, how wrong I was.

Keep reading my posts to see how I’m doing with the challenge!

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