Real Women, Real Bodies: How dissatisfied are you with yours?

I think most women, whatever age, has an issue with their body image, however big or small you are, you would love to have bigger boobs, or a flatter stomach.

Khloe Kardashian said in an earlier episode of “Khloe & Lemar” that she cannot keep pretending that she is happy with her weight, when she really isn’t. Khloe has never been exactly huge by any means, but next to curvy Kim and petite Kourtney, the tall star might from time to time feel a little bit heavy. But the thing is, she didn’t need to lose any weight, but she decided to make her happy that she needed to, and the results are fantastic. (Btw I am not encouraging diets here guys).

But on the other end of the spectrum, Beth Ditto, the lead singer of The Gossip, has always said that she has no intention on losing any weight. She is happy with her weight, and the way she is. Good on her! It is nice to see and hear not everyone has an issue. But then, I have a friend who always says the same that she is happy with her size, but then she confided in me that she says that to make her feel better, but she really isn’t as happy as she may seem.

Body image and issues is just such a hard concept to grasp. I am going to use me as an example, I am not unhappy about my body, I am pretty tall, I am slim, but I do carry probably a couple of extra pounds here and there. I have reasonable sized boobs and I have some junk in my trunk. Sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror, and I am happy with what I see, and I trot off feeling like I can take on anything and everything. Then other times, I get really down. There has been times where I have freaked out and feel like I am huge, that I am bigger than my size 8/10 frame. When that happens, I choose not to eat all the custard creams, or the cake that has turned up at the office.

I read an interesting article in the Daily Mail, where a study shows that women tend to see themselves bigger than what they are, or lumpy in the wrong places. What the volunteers had to do was choose the number from the chart below of what they thinked they looked like and what their body type is, then they took a photo of them in “reality” and then photoshop them to the weight and body shape that they felt they were. The results are astonishing, and actually quite sad in the fact they were all dissastified with their bodies.


What I am trying to say is, it is ok not to like something and change it. But it is also ok to actually, like what you see and not wanting to change anything. Also, give yourself a break. Do not be so hard on yourself, and learn to love yourself as you are, or know what you need to change, then do it.

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