It’s All About The Music

After listening to the album ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’ by an artist, that reminded me of bands such as The Clash and Thin Lizzie, that I didn’t recognise but loved instantly I was shocked to find out it was actually Kings of Lion before they sold there souls to commercialism.

Their music seemed unapologetic and unashamed and I thought it was a pity that they rejected their originality and joined forces with other mainstream bands such as the likes of Maroon 5.

Nickleback on the other hand, even though they are often slated by music critics for not changing, they have a high fan base and their reputation is intact.

This makes me think how many bands sell out such as Biffy Clyro and change their sound just for money. Shouldn’t music be different, and why is it slated if it doesn’t conform to mainstream dribble. I myself do not fully appreciate the pop genre, classics such as Spice Girls, S-club 7 and Steps, their poppiness can be forgiven as they are the sounds of my childhood. However other pop artists seem so bland and unoriginal that I get a case of de-ja-vu every-time I listen to them.

However I will not judge, every genre of music has its pro’s and con’s, nevertheless I believe that music shouldn’t be just about money, it should be about the music, and how each and every artist should not be ashamed about being unique.

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