It seems like a lot of people are walking around a little lost and confused about themselves, their relationships and the opposite sex. Perpetually in a daze of wondering why they always end up going after someone who seemed like they were exactly what they were looking for but still ending up out of luck when they find that person wasn’t quite who they thought they were… and actually not the kind of person they want to be with at all.

The problem might be that you’re constantly going for the can of coke when what you really need is the bottle of water. Let me paint the picture:

You’re out and about (or at home, it doesn’t matter) and you find yourself pining for a cold refreshment. You head for the shop or the fridge and you’re faced with two options – each will serve their purpose but in different ways and for different lengths of time.

You have the can of Coke and you have the bottle of water. When you think of coke you think of the instant hit of sweetness, all those additives and stabilisers hitting your tongue and quenching your thirst… temporarily.

Then you have the bottle of water

– granted it’s the regular looking option out of the two – it has no thrills and spills, no exciting extras to add some flavour to it, hell the packaging is even less visually arousing… but it serves its purpose.

The can of coke is what you want but the bottle of water is what you need. The can of coke is like that stunning guy or girl, with all their enchanting quirks and behaviour, who feels like they have exactly what you need for that moment in time and then after you’ve absorbed them – as a person, taken in all they have to give you find yourself STILL thirsty for something more sustaining, something more quenching. In comes the water. Water may appear like the less enticing option but we need it, it enhances us not only physically but mentally, it nourishes and helps rid us of impurity, something the sweet fizzy bubble of coke simply cannot do.

So the next time you find yourself in a revolving door of dead-end ‘could’ve been’ situations or feeling like you’ve been left figuratively high and dry, refer to the coke/water bottle analogy and take time to figure out what you need in a person as opposed to what you want.

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