Technology – I’m not a digital native!

Just the other week, my friend told me over tea and cake at Costa that her Mum had purchased a new mobile phone. To my surprise, in her story, my friend’s Mum appeared to be interested within learning all about the latest technologies and purchasing a new phone was her way to start. “Can you teach me how to text and call – that’s all I need to know, for now?” She said. So naturally, my friend showed her Mum what to do and now she texts and calls all of the time – it’s a revelation!

It’s a weird thing to say, but I’m a lot like my friend’s Mum. I mean, I already know how to work the latest smart-phones but I seem to struggle when it comes to technology like playing with my boyfriend’s Samsung Galaxy tab (not an innuendo, you dirty people!). I would say that I’m very modern but I’m also traditional at the same time – like my friend’s Mum. I prefer mobile phones that have ACTUAL BUTTONS, none of this touch screen crap! I also tend to press quite hard when selecting an app on the tablets and don’t get me started on the Nintendo Wii remotes! It’s not that I don’t like technology, it’s just that I don’t see why it has to take over our everyday lives?

And now my own Dad has joined this world of technological progression. About a week ago, he wanted to learn something new (like my friend’s Mum) so he downloaded music software. Just to clarify, he isn’t illegally downloading! The software he downloaded is only a one-month free trial and if you wish to continue then you are required to pay around £130.00 for a year’s subscription. Since I gave him the “OK!” to go ahead, he has been downloading non-stop. Surprisingly, I’m not complaining because I’ve now got albums from ‘P!nk’, ‘Katy Perry’, ‘The Saturdays’ and even ‘She&Him’. So, my iTunes is looking rather top-notch at the mo!

If I lived within a world without technology, I’d probably die. How would I publish quirky tweets and forward pictures of kittens and puppies on to my Mum? How would I watch episode after episode of my newly-loved TV series, ‘Bones’? And how would I write my columns for all you readers? Life would be impossible and I would be reduced to reading books, all day and everyday – EWW!

I believe that I am too traditional when it comes to technology. I like to press buttons, I enjoy learning about Galaxy tablets and I would still prefer to hand-write a letter to someone rather than send them an electronic mail. But, I’m not too much of a prude to shy away from the greatest upcoming technological inventions of all time – I’m ready to learn! Although, I’m just not quite ready to admit that my Dad and my friend’s Mum probably know more about this subject than me – It’s rather embarrassing!

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