Ayia F***ing Napa- A Few Tips

Ayia Napa sees thousands of  young people flock to the famous Cyprus city every year for cheap drinks, endless dancing, foam parties, and the famous ‘Chlamydia Pool’ of River Reggae.

So if you’ve booked your holiday to Napa for this summer here’s a few things you need to know about the week of partying you’re soon to endure that your travel agent may not have told you.


Make the most of everything!

You’re abroad, away from your parents, the stresses of school, exams, uni and work. So make the most of all of this and don’t waste any opportunities! Take YOLO seriously and let yourself go! Go out EVERY night and don’t complain about the weather or how tired/hungry/hungover you are. If you’re a student then by now you’re pretty used to this lifestyle but the heat can really take it’s toll on you so be sensible and drink lots of water throughout the day so you can truly party to the max at night.


Don’t always listen to your rep (sorry Thomas Cook)

If you organised your holiday through a travel agents then there will most probably be one of their representatives at your hotel. It’s their job to get you to go on all their organised bar crawls and boat parties, therefore they will tell you to stay clear of street sellers who also organise similar events. However, although your rep may tell you a few scary ‘facts’ about the street sellers they’re not all bad and the events organised by them are usually the better ones. Saying this the foam party organised by Thomas Cook was one of the best nights I had out there, so they are still fun. I’m just saying try the events by street sellers too, The Fantasy Boat Party being a definite one.


Fantasy Boat Party

Warning, not for the faint hearted! Expect the unexpected. Don’t think this is going to be a nice day trip on a boat with a few drinks, because it most certainly isn’t. Expect lots of sexually fuelled games and getting close with bodily parts of strangers that you’d probably rather not see. It’s an understatement to say it’s an experience, but definitely one worth having. Oh and the organisers film it all and put it on youtube after, for everyone to see…


River Reggae

The best after party you will ever go to, do not miss out! River Reggae will be something you’ve never and probably will never experience ever again. There’s an inside and an outside, although I’d recommend the outside much more. And there’s a pool! Now you may have heard a few made up stories about people catching chlamydia in the pool but it’s not true, it can’t actually happen! You may pass through a few people doing more than kissing but it’s great fun and feels so surreal dancing in a pool as the sun’s coming up. Just a quick word of warning, leave all valuables in your hotel! Drinks are cheap and its the perfect end to an amazing night on the strip.


Beware of the sun

When I went last year I experienced highs of 45 degrees and a few people in the group got sun stroke on the first day. I’m sure your parents will lecture you on this so I won’t go on about it too much but just make sure you’re not in the sun for too long, especially if you’re fair skinned.


Don’t expect much from your accommodation

No, really, don’t. Unless you’ve forked out on the best all inclusive hotel than try not to expect too much from your your hotel. No matter what the travel agent says, it’s not going to be that nice. Most places are bearable and our 2 star hotel wasn’t too bad but after seeing a few others, especially the hotel attached to River Reggae, it’s fair to say some places would not be open if British Heath and Safety standards got hold of them!

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