Beheadings on Facebook – Becoming the norm?

Over the past few weeks now, the need and desire to scream at my iPad screen and at times shake it furiously has risen but that triggers something completely different.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even YouTube- all popular social mediums exhibiting this trend of displaying gore, violence and inhumane, graphic imagery too real to be portrayed. Facebook appears to be the worst culprit at the moment, never has a day gone by where I have not stumbled across a beheading, thieves being burnt alive or at most, actions that I can only deem for a westernised screen digital with nothing but fake blood and clever cinematography.

Each time I’ve seen this on my news feed, I’ve had to go through the process of reporting it to Facebook which is always tedious but necessary. I am at an age now where I am thinking about settling down, getting a mortgage and burping out children. I really do not think this is a fitting environment in which I would feel comfortable bringing my kids up in. I also happen to have sisters, nephews and cousins who are of a young age thus very impressionable. Yes I’ve become a boring adult, this happens.

This is the digital age, you CANNOT censor children as much as you would a couple of years back, I mean the average 10 year old in the UK now has either a contractual mobile phone, a laptop or some form of gaming device with Internet access. I remember having to wait turns in my household for an hour of beta game playing and then straight to bed but now kids can take the Internet anywhere and everywhere.

Is this safe? Would you be content knowing that your 10 year old child is viewing decapitation as a form of sadistic bedtime story? Sounds extreme but it is the truth that which we are selectively choosing to ignore.

Have images as such been shoved in our faces so many times that we now see it as a norm in which we simply Carry On Scrolling? These are the questions that plague my mind when I see these random images on my personal mediums. I can only urge you to report them, and have them removed – I mean in the long run who are we really hurting? I cannot say do not view them because the human mind is one of a curious nature but when it is fear-mongering as such, then I think we need to look at the bigger picture.

Fair enough the Internet contains all sorts of unfiltered, unadulterated junk, thank you WorldStarHipHop and such but isn’t it time to implement some sort of barrier in order to protect the upcoming generation?

Something to ponder I guess or you can just keep scrolling I guess.

The future is YOURS.

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