365 Days Of Being A Graduate: What They Don’t Tell You

With so many people on my Facebook and Twitter posting about Dissertation deadlines and being excited to finish their degree, it made me reminisce about the day I left University. Almost 365 days ago now, it does seem like a lot longer. It’s quite strange to think about myself back then, as I was in this University ‘bubble’. No matter what anybody says adjusting to life after University can be quite tricky, especially since everything is pretty much handed on a plate to you whilst you’re a student. So is life after Uni how everybody portrays it? Or are there many misconceptions among students, which you only learn upon your departure from higher education?


Applying For Jobs

Applying for jobs is never as easy as Universities make it out to be. “Come to our CV seminar and be guaranteed a job!” is all well and good, because everybody needs a good CV, however it doesn’t actually complete the job applications for you. So many people who graduated in my year are put off from applying for jobs, due the sheer length of some application processes. A lot of them do not possess the skills, or desire, to stick it out and push for that dream job. I think this is partly due to the fact that a lot of people at University get into the habit of being lazy. Now I’m not judging because I was a student myself, however the “normal student day” seems to consist of lectures (if you like the topic and don’t have prior engagements), naps, eating, drinking and then sleep. Rarely did I see many people deviate from the norm, which I think is partly to blame for this failure to donate chunks of their time to applying for jobs. It’s not as hard to get a job as people make out. No, really. If you have a degree, then you have a great amount of experience to draw from. Don’t listen to your University when they bang on about getting your CV perfect; practice the job application process as soon as possible. The best way to do this? Apply for jobs!


Banks Don’t Care About You Anymore

Remember before you started University and banks were fighting over your signature? You were plied with free gifts and perks of being a student, right? Not anymore. As soon as you graduate, banks treat you like any other person. This means massive interest rates, rubbish customer service and no free railcards. Boo to you, banks of the UK! Enjoy the advantages of being a much-loved student customer of your bank before it’s too late. Go out and take all of the Barclays or NatWest pens you can fit into your bag! While you’re at it, try and get one of those piggy banks The Royal Bank Of Scotland offer.


A Healthy Diet Doesn’t Consist Of 17p Noodles

So many students’ kitchen cupboards are stocked up with 17p noodles. Perfect for that quick snack when you’re late for lectures or a hangover cure without the hassle of having to actually cook. However, in the real world, it actually isn’t acceptable to eat this food. It’s such a shame because they actually taste SO good. As soon as you whip out a packet, as a new “adult” Graduate, expect frowns and disapproval. Now you’ve gained a degree, you’re expected to cook. For many students who literally have no idea how to do anything in the kitchen other than pre-drink (I know a girl who didn’t know how to use a toaster in her first year), this is going to be quite a troubling time. The best way to combat this? Learn to cook!


Kitchen Fairies Don’t Exist

Are you one of those students who leaves their dirty plates to clog up the sink and then are amazed when a week later, after days of festering in mold, all of them are suddenly clean? You may have been led to believe that a mythical creature called the Kitchen Fairy silently swooped in overnight to sprinkle her magic cleaning dust over your belongings. I’m afraid I’m about to shatter your reality here, as the Kitchen Fairy doesn’t actually exist. When you’re a Graduate, it isn’t ever okay to leave your plates and cutlery in a sink. Nor is it okay to leave bits of food on the floor and expect Kitchen Fairy to sweep it up. Even if you move home and think your parents will clean up after you, the chances are they probably won’t. Having allowed you to fly the nest and gain your independence, whilst subbing you for drinking money when your student loan isn’t stretching as far as you’d like, they’re going to expect to see an adult in front of them. Want to know the best way to deal with this? Start cleaning up after yourself!

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