Join me and ‘Live Below the Line’

Next week for 5 days only, myself and my flatmate Keely will be attempting to live off £1 a day for 5 days and it is all inspired by a campaign known as Live Below the Line. Worldwide, there are 1.4 billion individuals living below the poverty line and barely surviving off £1 a day (for everything including food).

Live Below the Line is a campaign that is encouraging people all over the globe to challenge the way that they look at poverty and become active for the cause rather than simply donating money. The campaign inspires individuals like myself to live off no more than £5 over 5 days in order to raise awareness for poverty worldwide. This means that you cannot eat anything unless it is in your budget and this is something that a lot of us take for granted on a daily basis. Imagine how many coffees you ‘grab’ in a working week or how many bars of chocolate you ‘quickly’ munch on. It all counts and the whole idea behind this campaign should enable you to appreciate how challenging it is to live off such a tiny amount.

Now, it’s all fair and well admitting that you understand you are privileged compared to the individuals who are not, so there isn’t really a motive behind it for you. However, no one can anticipate how strenuous it will be to live off such a small weekly budget, which in turn should hopefully leave you with a powerful understanding of how 1.4 billion people live every single day.

I think the idea behind the campaign is extremely powerful. There is the choice to raise money for charity or simply raise awareness for yourself  and others around you and I will be going for the latter as a practice. The challenge still allows for you to get some nutrition in your diet so there is no threat to your health if you balance your budget correctly.

All relevant information can be found on the campaign website where you can find relevant tips for preparing meals and the motive behind the idea –

Come on and join me and Live Below the Line!

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