10 things you can only get away with at University

Uni. Three years of your life where you can live like the unemployed but have the benefits of a student loan, a house with your friends, and the chance to party every night of the week. There’s nothing like it. And here are 10 things you can only get away with during your student life.


1. Not brushing your hair

Up an at em’. Your hair’s only gonna get ruined on the walk in to uni. So embrace the lion look. Back at home however, you’ll look like you’re off to star in Jeremy Kyle.


2. Having an easter egg for breakfast

There is nothing wrong with Easter confectionary, it is, if anything the best season confectionary of the year. You wake up, you’re hungry… reach to your flake Easter egg box and whack out a mini flake bar. Scoff the treat and straight back to sleep. This is a true story, but I won’t name and shame the culprit. Chocolate first thing is divine, especially on a hangover.


3. Wearing your onesie to the pub

Another true story. Why not sit around the local uni bar in your fleecy onesie? Paired with UGG boots, this makes for the ultimate in luxury drinking. The slightly more worrying thing is that no one will bat an eyelid on campus. At home however, I wouldn’t recommend this.


4. Turning up to lectures in last night’s makeup

Every girl has done this and anyone who denies it is a liar. You’ve had a crazy night out, raced back to halls, and conked out with a full face of makeup on, eyelashes n’ all. When the alarm screams at 7am, there really is no time, nor energy to apply makeup for a lecture that will only last one hour. So, on goes the hoodie, and off you go. Most of the time the rest of your friends will be doing exactly the same, and you’ll be back in bed in by 10am.


5. Making that extra penny count

The brand costs £3.00 but ASDA’s own is £2.50. It may seem obvious to fork out the extra 50p and purchase the best product, but that 50p can get you a shot of sambuca tonight. So ASDA’s own it is. The problem with this way of living is that it sticks with you after uni, and then you realise a shot in your local town is about four quid.


6. Eating out every night even though your fridge is full

Your cupboards are bursting with food, but Slug and Lettuce do two for one on a Monday, and you fancy a cookie cup dessert. One text to the girls and you’re all eating out. The next night you remember an old Pizza Express voucher that you’ve been meaning to use, and the night after that you’re munching a half price burger at the SU. Why oh why do they do such cheap deals for students?! As well as gaining half a stone, you’ll be throwing all your food out as it’s now gone off.


7. Celebrating someone’s birthday three times in one week

You spent two weeks sorting your fancy dress outfit for your friend’s birthday on Tuesday. Then Wednesday it’s her actual birthday, so you celebrate again with dinner and drinks. By Friday, it’s decided you’re all going VIP in your best dresses to the most popular club in town. Well, it’s her 21st and any excuse for a party. Back at home, your birthday is on Monday, you go for a meal, and that’s it ‘til the next year.


8. Wearing fancy dress for no reason at all

The wardrobe has been torn apart looking for something to wear, and no one else has a clue what to put on either. Then you notice a school tie poking out from your fancy dress bag, and suddenly the night has a schoolgirls theme, and it really doesn’t matter if there are only three of you.


9. Leaving posters for missing housemates that aren’t really missing

Your housemate has gone home three weekends in a row, you then receive a text that she’s not back until Wednesday. For fun, you and your remaining housemates decide to post missing posters about for your lost friend. Using hilarious photos from Apple’s Photobooth to identify the victim also make for a laugh upon their return. Back at home you may be arrested for wasting Police time.


10. Laying in bed with Jeremy Kyle

Saving the best until last, this is the only thing you can do whilst at University. If you’re doing this back home, you may be a candidate for the show itself. The ultimate in student luxury is waking up, walking across the hall to your housemate’s room, cosying up in bed and sticking Jezza on. Throw in some malteasers and horrendous stories from the night before and you’ve got yourself a winner. This will also be the thing you will miss the most once back home and working that 9-5.


Enjoy it while you can!

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