‘OI’- Why do men shout at women in the street?

What goes through a man’s head when he is trying to chat up or get the attention of a girl?

What happened to just asking a girl out on a date? Today, men seem to think that shouting ‘OI’ across the road is going to get our attention, In fact it does get our attention, it quickly alerts us that we should keep on walking and not turn around to look at you, because you are either taking the piss, or you are just trying to look good in front of your friends. Neither of which is flattering to us.

I recently saw a guy shout ‘Jeanie’ to a girl wearing denim shorts… needless to say she didn’t turn around. What baffles me is what these men or boys, whatever they are, think they are going to achieve by shouting such nonsense at a girl. Firstly, she might not even know that you are shouting at her so she will more than likely just carry on walking, secondly what is she supposed to say? ‘Hello, thanks for shouting at me?’ and thirdly, what are the boys going to say? ‘Can I have your number?’ because that is so flattering to us girls.

Most of the time these boys are standing outside a shop, or they are in a big group walking down the street and they think that shouting at a girl who is on her own is going to make her turn around and talk to them. If anything, it’s more intimidating than flattering.

Whenever I see this situation happen in the street I think of the scene in Kidulthood when Jay shouts ‘Oi My size!’ to a girl in the street and when she doesn’t respond he shouts ‘You’re butters anyway!’. If men are taking advice from this film then we have a problem.

This post is obviously not accusing all men of such crimes, but if you are a ‘shouter in the street’ then I advise you to re-think your pulling techniques. I think men have lost their charm, I think that they are actually scared of engaging in a proper conversation with a girl in case they get rejected, and their friends mock them, so instead of going up to her and talking to her, they shout in the street. It’s all very logical, because girls love being obviously love being called ‘oi’ …

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