Kevin Smith finishes script for Clerks III

Kevin Smith today announced via Facebook that the script for Clerks III is complete. The writer and director announced the news with the message: “IT IS ACCOMPLISHED! CLERKS III, FIRST DRAFT! At 137 pages, it plays like THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of what’s now become the Clerks Trilogy”.

Smith had previously stated that Hit Somebody would be his final film. Hit Somebody was to be the hockey movie starring Sean William Scott and based on the Warren Zevon song about a hockey player who had never been given the opportunity to score a goal; instead only being given the chance to fight and intimidate the opposition. Scott wound up making the similarly themed Goon and Smith soon lost the rights to the Zevon song. The project then became a proposed television series, and then a comic book. At which point, Clerks III became the planned final Kevin Smith film.

Clerks III has itself been a subject of uncertainty, originally announced as a Broadway musical. As recently as February of this year, Clerks III was said to be being devised as an online book. Now, with the script being complete, it would appear it is finally moving forward as a movie. Smith has gone on record as saying: “I have come to a conclusion… CLERKS III will be the best film I’ll ever make”.

The original Clerks is a black and white, cult classic that followed a day in the life of two vulgar, pop culture-obsessed store clerks. The movie – that Smith funded by maxing out five credit cards – garnered its writer/director considerable acclaim amongst independent film aficionados and critics and Smith went on to helm a number of movies set in the same universe as Clerks, including Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Clerks II.

Bob Russell

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