Hoy, Bridges get on yer bike!

Did anyone catch the Twitter banter between Kevin Bridges and Sir Chris Hoy before it disappeared into cyber space?

The witty comedian said he is looking to purchase a bike, so who else to turn to for wheels advice than the bike king himself Sir Chris Hoy.

Was this a cunning publicity stunt conjured up by the two Scots as prompted by Hoy’s #shamlessplug hashtag. I am thinking probably not as the Tweet appeared at quarter to twelve at night. But none the less it caught my eye as I was unaware Hoy was launching his own bike range with Evan Cycles.

After the shock announcement of Hoy’s retirement from professional cycling he has launched a bike range with Evan Cycles which is due to be released in Spring of 2013 a.k.a any day now, fingers crossed. I for one was definitely looking forward to seeing the main man himself competing for Scotland in his backyard at the Commonwealth Games next summer. After the appropriately named “Sir Chris Hoy” velodrome was built to accommodate the Games and the aspiring new generation of track cyclists we will sadly not be seeing the lad himself compete for gold, however I am sure we will see an emotional Hoy there when the Games start.

So if you want to be like Chris Hoy but can’t exactly afford the designer threads of Hugo Boss then why not buy one of his bikes instead. With his expertise on bikes and with road and track knowledge Hoy has designed a rage of 7 bikes for Evans Cycles, 3 Road and 4 city models. With a prices ranging from £550-£1350 you probably want to be a committed cyclist but no doubt there are worth every penny. But the bikes are built for both men and woman from 4’10” to 6’4″, so if you are the height of nonsense, a little bitty body or have the magnificent thighs of Hoy you will definitely find a bike suited for your needs.

And if you are looking to take your little nippers out for a ride then you will not have to wait too long. The team of Hoy and Evans Cycles are looking to expand into the launch of a kids range of bikes and mountain bikes (MTB) in 2014 so keep your eyes peeled.

You can check out the highly anticipated range at

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