I’ll just revise tomorrow…

So we should all probably be revising right now. You’re probably meant to be revising but instead you’re reading this article. Or maybe your exams are done and you’re just chilling (I hate you)… But that’s fine, a little procrastination is okay. It’s understandable. I myself, see myself as a master of procrastination. I can literally find anything to do rather than revise. And I mean anything… I BEG YOU TO FIND ANYONE WHO IS BETTER AT THIS SKILL THEN I AM. Go on…


  • My favourite distraction is Facebook and twitter. I can sit for hours looking at others photos, event photos, my photos, stranger’s photos, anyone’s photos. (Obviously not in a creepy way) I manage to tweet about revising but I can’t actually get down to doing it. I go back to my profile in 2007 and read all the cringey statuses, delete friends, add friends, add photos, delete photos, like pages and dislike pages. After the 3rd profile picture change and the 7th poke sent, even these are getting boring.
  • Another great procrastination activity is internet shopping. Obviously I don’t actually buy anything, I just dream, wish, look, and imagine the clothes. Putting loud music creates a great atmosphere to look at your favourite websites in. Imagine what they would look like, where could I wear them too, what size would I need.  I even add clothes to my basket just to waste more time. But no, you won’t need these clothes because you won’t have a life if you don’t revise and pass your exams. Oh.
  • I also imagine what summer will be like. Creating images of me loving life at all the festivals, being skinny, getting a tan, whilst eating good food in the sun in Portugal. This is a particular favourite ‘procrastination’ activity of mine; you can literally spend hours thinking about it. Maybe I’ll even research festivals I even know everything about or see if there are any last minute deals to Ayia Napa for £100, even though I know there won’t be. But oh no, then my goody two-shoes conscience appears, I won’t have a summer if I don’t revise and do well in my exams…
  • Eat. Eating’s always a good distraction. A good distraction for emotions, boredom, revision, sleep, cleaning.. Yeah I’ve never been a fan of ‘eating’s cheating’. And before anyone comments, I am not an emotional eater and I do not need help. Eating’s just better than revising.
  • I also tend to read my book. And before you say ‘Oh well done, at least you’re getting somewhere’… No, this is not an educational textbook with references and enough footnotes to make another book. No, this is a chick flick book which makes me laugh out loud. But ah, I suppose they do say reading increases your brain capacity. So my thought process is, that when I do come to revise I will have more memory. Simple.
  • Clean. My room is spotless. If I c lean anymore the paint may come off and my carpet may be rubbed away. I even took the bins out today. Yes, anything to not revise. Believe it or not my sheets were changed by 9am this morning. Why I hear you scream? Because I had set my alarm for half eight to revise and yes by 9 o clock I was procrastinating. But in my defence, my mum always told me to make sure my sheets were changed regularly.
  • Finally, writing this article, yes this is me procrastinating whilst Pink blares out in the background and I make my ‘to-do’ list for tomorrow which also consists of today’s to-do list.


I guess there’s always tomorrow and yes, tomorrow will be a fresh start.

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