The Smiths- Stop me if you think you have heard this one before

A good friend of mine and a fellow Smiths lover, posted on my Facebook wall the other day.

’30 years ago today, The Smiths release their first single Hand in Glove!!!’

And I replied.

‘Really? Start of something great. I would love a reunion Might have to write an article on that bruv xx’

Before you start commenting on my use of the word bruv in a non ironic way, yeah sorry about that. I thought it was a good idea to write an article looking at the Smiths, because as I say on a drunken night out when they play;

‘Oh my god these are my second favourite band!’ Normally to disturbed fellow clubbers, who look at me as if to say, ‘Here is a lunatic.’

If anyone here hasn’t heard of the Smiths, I will fill you in. They are an alternative (I know what does that even mean?) Manchester band from the 80’s back when big hair and George Michael was popular.

Or was George Michael ever popular?

The lead singer Morrissey, aka ‘Steven Patrick Morrissey’, is the only person I can would like to punch in the nads and then thank him for his contribution to music.

The Smiths, chose their simplistic name in order to not seem pretentious, in a previous article I have spoken about my distain about ridiculous band names.

I love the Smiths, simply because they are so unique, especially Morrissey’s voice, one line from him and I then know that this is going to be a great song. If you haven’t listened to the Smiths, I urge you do. If you are unfortunate enough to be my friend on Facebook, you will always see me listening to them on Spotify. Why? Because they are timeless listen for any occasion. My favourite Smiths songs, have to be ‘Charming Man’, ‘There’s a light that never goes out’, ‘Stop me if you think you have heard this one before’, ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’… the list goes on.

Yes, there has been a spark of a suggestion of a reunion with Johnny Marr, guitarist and songwriter and Morrissey. However, is this really at all likely? I will write if there is news though. To finish, I will quote a Smith song -if that’s not too pretentious.

‘I know it’s over’.

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