Little things that matter can create major issues

From the remembrance of a woman’s favorite colour to the kind act of finding the flowers she most adores, it’s the little things that matter. From rocking a jersey or t-shirt in support of his favorite team to fixing his favorite dish, it’s the little things that matter. The slightest form of chivalry reveals the appreciation from your significant other, leaving you subtlety satisfied with your current status.

As satisfied as you may be, the one thing anyone can do to leave you feeling like dirt is lie. The act of letting a false statement salivate on your tongue and flow from your mouth is distasteful and disrespectful. Every so often people get caught up in their rather small, yet overly effective fibs. These fibs are generally brushed off because of the little relevancy it has in one’s life.

The minute it is disregarded as something small and all is forgiven, a trigger faster than the speed of light sets in their head that they can do it again and get away with it. Once that happens, the little lies start to shoot from the mouth created only to speak truth.

To forget it once is almost equivalent to a fool me once, to forget it twice is equivalent to shame on me, to forget it three times is a “what were you thinking?” The little lies matter just as much as the kind acts of appreciation. You begin to question everything as if it is paranoia and constantly wonder what you all have become. Speaking from past experience, the minute my significant other lied should have been the minute I left. The lies only continued to build, weakening the trust, smashing the loyalty and ultimately destroying the sweet sound of US.

The power of a lie, any lie, hurts. In order to grow with someone and have a successful relationship it must be established that communication is the key to an open, honest and healthy relationship. If you are bold enough to lie directly in someone’s face then you should be bold enough to communicate with the truth.

Sparing one’s feelings to protect them from getting hurt can be considered thoughtful, but is wrong. It’s self-sabotage. In fact, most handle the truth much better than they would handle a lie. Honesty is golden. It makes it easier to handle and solve a situation more effectively, constructing a stronger relationship. The little things have a significant impact; because it’s the little things that can also be the guide to the end of the relationship. No matter how teeny or tiny it may be, a lie is still a lie. Excusing a little one is opening the door to potential disaster. Do not let that door open.

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