Who should I be voting for?

2013 means that I am getting older, unfortunately though getting older means that I am more aware of everything that goes on around me. When you are little you don’t have to worry about ‘Adult Problems’, you don’t have to worry about money/work/THE WORLD. Then you start moving away from your childhood home and realise it’s not actually very nice in the big bad world, I want home again.

I have just finished my first year at University. I have decided that going back in September would not be beneficial at all, my course is lacking and I am in 8 hours a week for £8000 a year. I would love to say that the rise in tuition fees, even though Clegg said they wouldn’t, were my decision to leave, but I would be lying.

The local elections have just passed and it made me really question what I wanted from a Government. I found it really hard. Whilst deciding which party to vote for, I went through many a mindset; maybe I just shouldn’t vote, it doesn’t seem to do a lot of good. I think this is what a lot of people are thinking at the moment, but this is the wrong mindset. We are a society that generally gives up easily. If something is too hard we step away; if we believe that those with more power will have more influence we cower. It is easy to have a deep and meaningful debate at a dinner party about David Cameron, and easy enough to divide opinions, but what do we really do about it?  I am 19 and I don’t feel that my vote is worth much to the Government, it is only one vote, someone who knows more about it will vote correctly. Right? How am I meant to know? Who should I actually be voting for? The tories? Labour? UKIP?

In the end the hardest decision is not deciding which to vote for, it is deciding if I actually believe in a party enough to prove they are what they say they are, I need to believe that they are going to do what they say. It is a lot of responsibility to place your beliefs in one politician who occasionally visits a hospital/prison/school, take your pick they’ve all done it.

The scary thing is that on the other hand, what if your one vote was the deciding factor? I know that this isn’t really how it works per say but even so. What if I vote for UKIP because I have strong views on Immigration, I think, yes this is the party for me. Yet, three years down the line… nothing, no change. What was then the point of me travelling to the local polling station to tick that particular box?

I’m not sure how this can be solved, but I don’t want to surrender my vote just because they cannot be trusted. It’s cyclical; If i don’t vote, the party I am against will gain power, yet if I do vote they won’t come through on their promises. It makes my brain all fuzzy, what is the point?

Whether it comes across or not, I really am finding it difficult to have any faith in the Government at the moment, it could be such a great asset, but it certainly isn’t at this point in 2013.

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