Top 3 Tips on being a Writer

Nowadays anyone can self-publish but still not everyone can be a writer. So I have therefore put together this very simple and easy list of top tips to help you be a better writer. Now I would like to point out that not only does ‘becoming a (dare I say) good writer’ take time it also takes a lot of writing and reading. You can only learn from doing something over and over, so learning to draft work is of great importance when you are a writer. Very few people write something perfect first time around.


1 – Carry a notebook with you everywhere. Even if you are only popping to the pub to watch football or commuting to work, carry paper. This can be used to record everything and anything. How many times have you overheard a conversation or perhaps a one liner that made you laugh, cry or weep?


2 – This is actually something I follow religiously; keep a dream diary. Close to your bed keep a pen and notebook handy, then when you wake in the morning jot down your dream. This book can be a perfect place to find new stories or simply gain a better insight into your own mind. (Trust me I have written down some very odd and possibly disturbing dreams). This exercise also helps train your memory!


3 – Finally make sure you read different genres. Reading a wide variety can help hone your writing skills so you can easily transfer from one genre to another. I often find the best way to find new books is in charity shops (this also saves on the pennies too).  You could also swap books amongst your friends or join a local book club. This way you have no excuse but to read!


Writing takes time, practice and patience. A book I highly recommend is a book called ‘The lie that tells the truth’ by John Dufresne. He provides some great tips on how to be a better writer alongside a number of exercises. Also another priceless tip is always carry a pen, nine times out of ten you’ll be able to jot something down somewhere!

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