Equal marriage IS the right thing to do

It’s without a doubt; the move towards marriage equality is somewhat a perplexing and discomforting development for some. When one of the countries most powerful men, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond claims that there’s “no huge demand” for equal marriage, it doesn’t just baffle my own conscious, it rather irritates my rather calm and tranquil mind.

The vote on Tuesday is one more step along the way for equality. It gives hope to the youth of our fair state that you can live in our society free from fear. There are many gay men and women in this country who have bided their time, patiently and democratically, in the company of their heterosexual friends not being able to share the joy of marrying the person they love.

Its very degrading to the gay community to say a move towards equality can be chronicled as distressing. When the first same-sex marriage happens, it won’t be just be a few tears of champagne-joy, but punches in the air of sheer relief.

Chillingly, when society sees a government torn and divided between its leader and rebellious backbenchers, what impression and image is that supposed to portray? When I vote, I vote for the candidate that expresses similar views to what I believe, not for a politician who doesn’t.

If a politician believes that for millions of people, the definition of marriage is changing, then how can this be the case? The main argument is well recited, but not well thought out and rather ingrained that marriage is strictly between man and woman – just like the Bible says. But who actually has the God-given right to decide who can love, commit and marry whom? The answer is you.

Equal marriage has gained overwhelming support – providing a solid and legal backbone for those of the same-sex who wish to marry.

I wasn’t created by a figure in the sky – I was created by two people who love each other very dearly. One thing that my parents have taught me is that marriage is a very precious part of society that gives great stability and love to people who are committed to one another. They’ve been married 25 years; been together for over 30. They’ve not even reached the grand old age of 50 yet.

Creation is a process that is always evolving. It doesn’t begin with Genesis and end in Revelation – it’s a primitive and holistic process that’s continuously happening. Yet anger from some MP’s that the bill will redefine what marriage is totally absurd. David Cameron has thrown his political legacy behind the same sex marriage bill and rightly so.

There’s no change of accent towards what marriage is – there’s a whole host of other things the Bible says we can’t do that everyone seems to do (well most). I eat prawns and wear leather. Enough said.

And then there are those who are anti-equal marriage but move heaven and hell to claim that they’re not homophobic. Now I don’t think it’s right to call someone homophobic if they don’t agree with what you’re fighting for; however, it’s stupidly difficult to build an argument without appearing as though you are. The repetitive drone of not upsetting the status quo and sticking with civil partnerships isn’t washing well.

Is marrying the person you love, regardless of sexuality, too much to ask for?

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