It’s all about Metronomy

-PAXP-deijEI know this may be out of the blue, as this band is not currently in the news, or on the verge of breaking up. The lead singer hasn’t been compared to Lindsey Lohan, and publically humiliated in magazines and tabloids who boast their sophistication like Heat or The Scum, sorry The Sun. But you know what, who cares? Metronomy, who slightly remind me of New Order, and excuse my French are bloody brilliant. I’m not going to lie their genre slightly confuses me, falling under Indietronica, and Electropop, and my favourite, Wonky Pop, which reminds me of the name of a dangerously alcoholic drink I consumed in recent times.

Metronomy was formed in 1999 by Joseph Mount in Devon, and me being me, aka the obsessive music junkie, you’ve read my bio, have been listening to them on repeat, probably annoying the hell out of my neighbour. My favourite song has to be Bay, one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard, coupled with an equally sexy video.

Listening to them has probably, no definitely calmed me down from exam stress. This is made worse with many facebook status’ that celebrate how they finished their first year at university, and there’s me looking forward to another week of sleeping in the library. Anyway I won’t ramble to you about my woes, but I urge you to listen to them. Without sounding too much a weirdo, which I’m not, obviously, they seem to transport me from my scarily small room at halls, to a beach where all I have to worry about is the fact I am not getting a tan at all; instead I look like a fried shrimp. Hello boys.

So Metronomy, listen to them, and I promise that you will fall in love, or perhaps just decide that you are more of a Beiber bopper. The decision is yours.

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