The Secret Search for Eutopia

The routes people take in search of reason and sense of every event in their lives are endless. As if trying to figure out the meaning of everything that’s happened in the past isn’t enough, we are insistent on seeing into the future too! For thousands of years traditional methods adopted by a multitude of cultures were deemed and still are seen as forms of witchcraft and scare the wits out of congregations far and wide. I prefer to call them ancient rituals which have served the purpose of those who have had little else to hold onto.

But who should I believe? The Irish fortune teller asking me to cross her palm with silver just to tell me how unhappy I am; well I had the raging hump that day so you could say she was spot on or the little Hindu man in the back of a corner shop who for just a fiver gave me the earth shattering news that if I didn’t get married in 2012 it would never happen for me. Well I haven’t heard the church bells chime just yet even though that wasn’t what I wanted to ask when visiting his shrine of sunshine yellow marigolds and burning incense; as alluring as it was I’m not easily taken in… but I am open minded.

The Irish heather yielding lady has now made off on her rickety old caravan and I hear the Hindu man is back in Bangalore with his guru and fore-fathers; no doubt with the lining of their pockets filled with our hard earned! Good luck to them, you’ve got to earn a living somehow and there’s obviously a market for telling people what they want to hear. Don’t YOU feel silly when you realise you already knew? These ancient mystical traditions are becoming less popular and we have moved from crystal balls and tea leaves to the literary healing age.

I’m not talking ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’; you won’t find the answer in those wanton pages only sensual suggestions. ‘The Secret’ and many others like it are acceptable because reading a book is perceived to be a intellectuals pass time and is encouraged from infancy. For me the reason millions of us choose these paper back saviours is because the author has been to hell and back and has lived to tell the tale.  You respect and admire their honesty as well as finding logic in their heartfelt words instead of mystery which is the ultimate guessing game and you don’t want to play anymore; do you?

So read to feed your mind, chant like Buddha is listening and put the kettle on for a Tetley Tea Bag reading; do what it takes to get to Shangri-La… it isn’t as far as you have been lead to believe.

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