The return of dungarees

Despite it being 2013, it would appear that this is the year of the nineties dominance. With ITVs “Big Reunion” bringing back the likes of Blue and Atomic Kitten and hair scrunchies making their debut comeback from long lost days of primary school, I’m half expecting the cast of “Saved by the Bell” to return to our screens.

Of course, this influx of nineties has also made its mark on the high street and just as soon as things are out of fashion they return again, which is seemingly the case with the latest fashion fad of dungarees and frankly, I welcome their return with open arms.

Admittedly, there is something quite daunting about the garment, particularly when first approaching them precariously sitting on the hanger and you start to wonder if it is only toddlers and builders who can pull them off. Unless of course you’re Alexa Chung who appears to have the ability to pull off even a bin bag. Persist though, it turns out they are easier to style than once imagined. Although that said, I would not recommend men or those other thirty try them.

With soft jersey styles or classic blue denims, combined with either flared skater skirts or shorts for bottoms you’re spoilt for choice. And, unlike most clothes and ideal for those on a budget, they’re wearable for both day and night with the slight adaption of shoes and accessories. For day even pairing them with a t-shirt underneath creates a laid back style, whilst at night they go perfectly with a pair of wedges and statement necklace.

And anyway dungarees are fun! It’s the kind of clothing you put on and simply can’t be in a bad mood when wearing them. Though some are still sceptic and condemn them to remain the past, I think they are the most wearable one piece you would ever have, let’s not mention the ‘onesie’ eh.

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