Four Must-See Places in Vietnam

Vietnam is emerging as one of the hottest places to visit in South East Asia, after being neglected for a long time as tourists flocked to nearby Thailand instead. With a turbulent and rich history, Vietnam as a country has a lot to offer. Its thin and long geography ensures you are never too far from the beach and makes it easy to explore a lot of this enchanting country. There are so many great places to visit in Vietnam, but we’ve compiled a list of the 4 must-see places so you can plan your next Vietnamese adventure.


1) Ha Long Bay
One of the highlights of any trip to Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is nothing short of magical. The thousands of limestone karsts protrude out of the water, creating an incredible atmosphere. One of the best ways to enjoy Ha Long Bay is with a multiday boat tour as this allows you to wake up surrounded by the beautiful and striking scenery. Located just a few hours outside of Hanoi, it’s easy to organize tours.


2) Hoi An
One of the few parts of Vietnam that was somewhat sheltered from the war, Hoi An is a beautiful small town that feels very European. It’s the perfect place to cycle around, indulging in high quality food with a distinctive Vietnamese and Western twist. Hoi An is almost famous for the numerous tailors that can be found lining the streets; it is a wonderful place to get affordable tailored clothing.


3) Sapa
Nestled high in the mountains, Sapa is breathtakingly beautiful and provides a quiet retreat from the chaos of Vietnam’s bigger cities. Many visitors to Sapa choose to do treks, emerging themselves deeply into the rice paddy fields and rolling mountains. Here there are many ethnic groups of Vietnamese people who dress in colorful and distinctive clothing, and it is a great place to buy handicrafts directly from the locals.


4) Saigon
Chaotic and sprawling, Saigon is an assault on the senses. However, it is the hub for Vietnamese history, particularly that of the Vietnamese war. The Cu Chi tunnels are a crucial place to visit on any trip and the War Remnants museum is very moving. Crossing a road in Saigon is actually a daunting task; scooters and motorbikes fly past you at alarming rates. Saigon also offers some of the best roof top bars in the world, so dress up nicely and enjoy the spectacular view of this sprawling city.

Vietnam’s popularity as a tourist destination is steeply on the rise, and due to the ease of booking travel online you can easily find and compare cheap flights to Vietnam online, making planning a trip to Vietnam extremely easy. If you’re heading to Vietnam, don’t forget to check out these four highlights as they will ensure your trip is absolutely unforgettable.

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