My summer ambitions….

Everyone has ambitions and if you don’t then you need to re-evaluate your life. This summer, I am determined to make it a memorable one and don’t worry I’m not one of these vegetable eating feminist types… No, I’ll be 19, my first year of uni over, needing relaxation, good food and lots of fun. I’ve got lots of little trips planned here and there and have come up with a list of things that I want to have done before I head back to university in October. For those of you that care, (which should be all of you) I’ll be writing another blog at the end of summer and looking back on which things I achieved.


1. Be on someone’s shoulders whilst Dizzee Rascal is singing at Benicassim Festival. Don’t worry mum (I’ve just heard her gasp in horror) I’ll take all the safety precautions and make sure there’s a soft landing i.e. the sand and make sure I drink lots in the sun i.e. cider. What could be more perfect than being with your best friend, in the sun, on someone else’s shoulders dancing to your favourite music? I have a rather idealistic image in my head but more than likely ill just look like a wannabe party rocker, who looks like they’re getting a piggy back, clutching on for dear life.
2. Make some money by selling clothes or win some money. I plan to sell all my old clothes on Ebay and I am Queen of Ebay. My selling techniques are fabulous and no I’m not going to tell you how I manage to sell a 6 year old river island vest for £12.00 because that would be telling. I’m also one of these people that still hope and dream of winning money, whether it is through premium bonds, competitions or the lottery. I’m also one of those people that never put the lottery on so my chance of winning is minimal but who knows, this summer could be the one. And yes I do know exactly what I’d buy if I won the jackpot. And yes I do procrastinate and have my mind wandering away from revision thinking about it. Yes, I’m thinking about it now.
3. Have lots of BBQ’s – my fave meal. MMM, I can taste the burgers and sausages and kebabs and potato salad and prawns with lashings of ketchup and BBQ sauce right now. This is the ultimate summer meal and there’s nothing better than sitting in the sun, eating freshly cooked food with that BBQ taste. Okay, Okay, admittedly in England it’s more like your sitting on one of those dreadful white plastic chairs, the sun is shadowed by a dark cloud, there’s enough flies to feed the plague and your burger has fallen apart with the taste of BBQ fuel. But we can all dream.
4. Achieve something to do with journalism. I know this is vague but my aim is to keep building my profile and get more experience. Whether this be, getting more acknowledgement for my Blog or articles I write or whether it be that the BBC get in touch and ask me to present the 10 o clock news forever even if I haven’t finished my degree because they think I’m just so fantastic.
5. Tone up and get a tan. Alright, I know every girl above the age of 12 says this but I’m being serious. But I’m also realistic. Its summer which means ice lollies, cocktails, cold drinks, sweeties, ice cream and eating out. My idea of toning up will be frantically sweating once every 2 weeks in front of WII fit and Just dance when no one else is home. This is also may I add, the time that the postman always decides to deliver a parcel that needs signing for. I’ve got past the point of caring and its more funny to see their reaction at me in old grey shorts that say ‘Boston’ on them.
6. Go to cocktail bars in London and pretend I’m really posh. This will again probably result in me looking like Bridget Jones but yes I want to try some cocktail bars in London with friends. I’d love to go to the Ice bar but I think that’s more of a 21st birthday event. This cocktail experience will be civilised and sophisticated and grown up. I can do this. Well, at least I think I can.


Here goes….

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