The Great Gatsby and Tiffany & Co.

I found it somewhat predictable that after the premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s most ambitious and anticipated film The Great Gatsby there was a surge in 1920’s inspired fashion trends and a desire for flapper-esque dress. I mean how could a fashionista apathetically watch the fabulous fringed frocks, the brilliant bejewelled headbands, and dazzling long beaded necklaces and not covet these 1920s fashion pieces? Designers and clothing franchises took the hint that 1920’s influenced designs were in demand, as fashionista’s drooled over these richly coloured and bespangled costumes in Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, and quickly produced Gatsby-esque attire as expected.

I have to admit that I was quite surprised though when I came upon a Tiffany & Co. advertisement for their Great Gatsby Collection while browsing through Vogue magazine. My surprise was definitely surpassed by my excitement and instant obsession with the model’s exquisite flapper-esque jewels. I could not help quickly tearing out the ad and pinning it to my bedroom wall; it is fair to say that the model became my muse, and I craved every piece of jewellery she had on. As I read the small print in the corner of the advertisement, I found that The Great Gatsby Collection is comprised of pieces that Tiffany designers crafted for The Great Gatsby and are inspired by Luhrmann’s film in collaboration with costume designer Catherine Martin (who is Luhrmann’s wife).

In the ad the model’s head is crowned with a 1920’s looking headpiece that is inconceivably all jewels. Yes that is correct, the entire flapper-esque headband is entirely made of jewels. What is even more mind-blowing and astounding is that the feather of the headband is a sparkling yet stiff diamond feather. The “Savory Headpiece” is made of freshwater cultured pearls (3.6-6.9 mm) and round brilliant diamonds (carat total weight 25.04). My heart sank when I came upon the exorbitant amount that is demanded for this precious set of jewels (a crushing $200,000).

From the model’s long neck hangs an absurdly longer pearl necklace paired with a shorter pearl necklace with a divine pearl tassel hanging off of it. The shorter pearl necklace with the stunning pearl tassel is called “Pearl Tassel Necklace.” This piece is somewhat contradictorily and confusingly from the Ziegfeld Collection but still evokes the lovely elegance of the Roaring Twenties, so it flows nicely with the model’s silver low waisted flapper-esque dress. The “Pearl Tassel Necklace” is 33” long, is in sterling silver with freshwater cultured pearls (2.5-9.5 mm), and can be purchased at $1,200. The longer pearl necklace also is part of the Ziegfeld Collection, 87” long, is likewise made with freshwater cultured pearls (5-8 mm), and can be yours at just $200 less than the “Pearl Tassel Necklace.”

The piece that I found most unique and alluring, which is slightly difficult to claim since all of the jewels on the model are entirely bewitching, is the “Daisy Hand Ornament” that dangles from the model’s delicate wrist. Tiffany & Co.’s website enthuses that the “Daisy Hand Ornament” “moves gracefully with every gesture,” which I do not doubt since when I stare at the advertisement I can imagine the pearl bracelet with with the heavy drooping diamond ornament gently swaying as she makes elegant gestures. Tiffany & Co. describes the ornate diamond creation that hangs from the pearl cuff as “an archival daisy motif of diamonds in platinum accented with pearls” (the pearls are freshwater cultured pearls 2-7mm, the round diamonds have a carat weight of 8.98, and costs a total of $75,000).

I have to admit that The Great Gatsby Collection along with the Ziegfeld Collection, which is also emblematic of the Roaring Twenties, is pure genius, considering I am left entirely dumbfounded as I spend an inordinate amount of time gawking at the advertisement hanging up in my bedroom. Both Twenties inspired collections are undoubtedly intelligent, illuminating, and intricate collections that brilliantly reflect the decadence of the Jazz Age and elicit the enticing elegance of the present. Sadly though, the closest I will ever come to obtaining The Great Gatsby Collection is possessing the collection’s advertisement that hopelessly yet gloriously decorates our bedroom walls.

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