Anitcipation hightens for Wimbledon

As Rafael Nadal lifted a record breaking 8th French Open grand slam, the grit and determination showed his desire to win hasn’t withered since his first grand slam victory as a 19 year old entering his first French Open back in 2005. The staggering prospect is despite his development into one of the most successful tennis players of all time, along with the incredible Roger Federer, there is no guarantee that either would have 100% backing as the best player of his era.

The way in which Novak Djokovic tore apart the dominance of the Nadal-Federer was recognised worldwide; with 6 grand slams in the last 5 years in an era containing two living legends of the tennis world is no easy feat. Throw in the first British male to win a grand slam since 1936 during his 2012 US open victory against Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray is on an upward progression to future success. The fact that his presence was missing during the latest French open was a disappointment for all tennis fans which says a lot about the world number 2.

These four beacons of tennis have dominated for so long that it is almost impossible to look past them for potential winners. David Ferrer and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga pose admirable opposition trying to break through however to be frank they are not quite in the same class as the quartet. Having missed the French open due to a back injury there is hope that Andy Murray will be fresher and determined as ever to win the tournament for the British public. With the greatest grass player of all time wanting to take the trophy back to Switzerland for the 8th time to take him past Pete Sampras as the most successful male Wimbledon player ever.

All these factors point to one of the most anticipated Wimbledon tournaments for years. Andy Murray will again be the name on the lips of the British support, however Djokovic, Nadal and Federer will have ideas of their own. These are all players that if in eras of their own would be undisputed number ones. The golden generation of tennis is now, these are the galacticos. The work these players put in does not go unnoticed; travelling to the hottest destinations in the world to train for hours at a time in the peak of the day ensures matches like the Djokovic-Nadal French open semi-final are not anomalous occurrences.

Watching the heavyweights of tennis is a pleasure and these people are incredible athletes with incredible determination. There is hope of a British champion again, but really this is a tournament to be enjoyed by all spectators, such an era may never be replicated again. The weather would be the only thing that would stop these four competitors, so let’s hope the sun shines on the green grass on centre court this summer.

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