Should F.R.I.E.N.D.S make a movie?

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Ever wondered if Friends could make a movie in the future? Although most of the actors made it clear that it will never happen, I can’t help but think that in 2014, 10 years after the show ended, they’ll do something iconic. A one off film for the loyal fans.

Friends is timeless and it’s definitely one of the best sitcoms in history. As a fan myself, I can never get tired of watching it and I still laugh like it’s the first time. Their last episode ended perfectly in my opinion. Monica and Chandler were surprised that their surrogate gave birth to twins, after trying for a baby for years. They also found a house and were prepared to move and start their new lives together. Rachel got a job in Paris and decided that she will move there for good; however Ross realises that he’s still in love with her, ended up chasing her at the airport to express his feelings but then she still leaves anyway. Rachel eventually got off the plane after realising that she loves him too and goes back to his apartment.

Okay that’s great, Rachel and Ross are FINALLY together, Monica and Chandler are moving on with their lives and Joey and Phoebe.. well, nothing has really happened to them. So do you think a Friends movie is relevant? I’m quite torn at the idea of making a movie but I did come up with a potential storyline. Don’t laugh.

Let’s remember that Ben, Ross’s son, would be 18/19 years old in 2014 so I think giving him a role in the episode would be interesting. Rachel and Ross are happily living together with Emma, who is 11 years old (I know, it’s crazy) and Ross receives a phone call from his ex-wife Carol. She tells him that she will be going on vacation for 2 weeks with her partner, Susan, but Ben prefers to stay home. She asks Ross to keep an eye on him and to check up on the apartment every now and then. (She mentions that Ben wants to be a grown up and be responsible blah blah blah..)

Meanwhile, Joey and Phoebe leave town to visit Chandler and Monica in their new home. Monica, who is still the most organised and sometimes bossy friend, prepares a meal for them and tries her best to make sure everything is perfect. The twins were new-borns back in 2004 so now they must be turning 10 years old. Feel old yet?

Ross decides to visit Ben in Carol’s apartment, who by the way doesn’t know that she sent Ross to keep an eye on him. He knocks on the door. A teenage girl opens it and stands there awkwardly smiling, waiting for Ross to tell her who he is. Before he introduces himself, Ben comes to the door holding a beer in his hand. To his surprise, Ross bursts through the door to find the apartment in a state, with more than 50 teenagers partying and drinking. Ben tries to stop Ross as he tries to evacuate everyone from the apartment. Once everyone leaves, Ross and Ben have a tense argument and Ben tells him that he doesn’t have a male figure in his home and feels that he should be trusted about what happens in their apartment.

Okay maybe I got carried away a little bit. I realised it sounds too dramatic. It doesn’t have the funny element, does it? Sounds like a typical movie, with the whole “kid throws party and parent walks in and pulls the plug” idea. However, I do think there are some disadvantages of making a movie.

1) Friends is a sitcom with a live audience so a movie without all the laughter will seem weird.

2) This  is something you’d watch in your living room with a cup of tea. I can’t really imagine watching it on the big screen. Grabbing the popcorn and wait for it, actually PAYING to watch it. It wouldn’t feel the same. I prefer watching it on Comedy Central.

3) Since Monica and Chandler moved from that legendary apartment and have kids of their own, I don’t think they’ll be hanging out at Central Perk like they used to? The iconic sofa will be empty most of the time. And we cant have a movie without Central Perk!

4) Like I said before, Friends ended perfectly and it may be a bad idea to create more drama like what I did with Ross and Ben. But still, I can’t help but imagine what it could be like. Don’t blame me, I’m just a fan.

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