Why aren’t you listening to Anarbor?

Anarbor are an alternative rock band from Phoenix in Arizona, their laid back and care free sound caught my ear back in 2010 around the time that their first album The Words You Don’t Swallow came out. The band have an undeniable talent at making music which is relaxing and fun to listen to. They stand out amongst the other bands on their label Hopeless Records (All Time Low and We Are The In Crowd, to name a few), having an original sound, refreshingly steering away from the more generic pop punk that seems to dominate that scene.

Unfortunately, though, Anarbor have been unfairly overlooked for too long. Even as a fan, I found it easy to forget about them, despite how much I enjoyed listening to their Free Your Mind EP and previously mentioned debut album, the lack of attention that Anarbor have gotten means that the word has never spread too far about them and bands who frankly cannot produce the same high standard of quality music have stolen the limelight.

However, at the start of this month, Anarbor released their second album Burnout via Hopeless Records and it has to be said that it’s their best yet. Even if you’re not a rock fan, you should still give this album a chance. Anarbor have taken the perfect attitude on this album, although the rock is still undeniably there, the album has the distinct light heartedness that is characteristic of the band. At this time of the year when you’re either still doing exams or are just finished and are at a loss of what to do after the overwhelming stress, the perfect way to unwind is with the perfect summer album and Anarbor have definitely provided this. Songs such as 18 and Whiskey In Hell show both sides of the band, their harder, rocking side, and their lighter, fun side.

Singer Slade Echeverria’s voice is undeniably perfect and helps to add to the cheerful vibe of all of the band’s songs. He sounds familiar yet different all at once and unlike other voices in rock, his voice is not so harsh so easy to relax to.

Still not convinced? The band’s discography is available on Spotify so you can try before you buy (or download) and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed with what you hear! With friends in well liked bands such as Mayday Parade, We The Kings, the recently disbanded Every Avenue and up-and-comers The Summer Set, Anarbor surely have to be the next rising stars. They definitely deserve some recognition for standing out and being different at a time when it’s easy for bands to fall into a rut of similar music.

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