Learning to drive: my next step on the road to adulthood

Since I finished my first year of university, the months of summer stretching ahead of me seem quite daunting. I no longer have to set my alarm for early morning lectures- okay I don’t really miss that. So I needed to set my self a new goal, I had done my exams, so I decided to finally learn to drive. Well that’s what adults do.

My learning experience has been on-going- dragging on, since I turned 17, I have been desperately trying to learn to drive; I mean can it really be that hard?

I feel if I don’t finish what I’ve started I will never learn. I’ll be that 70 something relying solely on my freedom pass to get me from A to B. The only pro I can see is at least I will be in the bracket of the ‘less able to stand’, milking my age, which unashamedly I will have no issues doing.But as I am far from that stage in my life, unhappily I still get ID’ed for things like lottery tickets. I have time.

I’m not going to lie my driving history has been eventful, the time when I crashed the car into the church gates. But seeing as my younger brother can now drive, which is undoubtedly depressing, which makes me really want to pass. This fact is made known to me, especially when he wants to give me a ‘spin’ round the block.

Whenever I post driving news up on Facebook, I always seem to get comments such as ‘oh god I can’t believe someone put you in charge of a car’ and ‘make sure you don’t crash… again’ which thus makes me want to review the state of life.

So wish me luck, I know I will pass… eventually.

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