Tips for Keeping in Touch While Overseas

It can be really challenging being away from home for long periods of time, especially trying to keep in touch with family and friends when you’re in different time zones. Thankfully there are a number of ways you can keep in touch, from efficient and affordable ways to call home right through to using smartphones to your advantage.


Using Smartphones to Keep in Touch:
Smartphones have changed things in a big way; most of us now have miniature computers sitting in our pockets. We can check our emails from anywhere, take pictures whenever we please and keep in touch very easily when overseas. You can download a wifi calling app for android, install free texting services such as Viber or use Facetime on an iPhone. There are numerous ways to use smartphones to your advantage when overseas, many of which will save you a significant amount of money.


Using Email to Keep in Touch Overseas:
Although email is not as personal as a phone call, it can be a great way to keep in touch especially when you are experiences a crazy time zone difference. The other great thing about keeping in touch with emails is that you can send a mass email update to as many people as you want – hitting two birds (or many birds) with one stone.


Using Facebook to Keep in Touch Overseas:
Facebook is another great way to keep in touch with messages you send to people who are offline acting basically like emails. Another great feature of Facebook is the live chat service, which is free and allows you to have easy chitchat with multiple people at once.  You can also post status updates so that you can let everyone know you’re fine after your five day trek through the Himalayas.


Using Local Phone Cards or Sims to Stay in Touch Overseas:
Many people love the convenience of buying a local sim when they’re overseas, especially to avoid the ridiculous phone charges you can have when using your cellphone overseas. The downside to using local phone cards is that calls and text messages to your home country might still break the bank, but it’s good for local calls and as a safety measure.


Using Online Calling to Stay in Touch Overseas:
Making calls overseas can be really expensive, especially making international phone calls but you can save money by using calling systems that use the Internet to keep costs down, such as Rebtel or Skype. These calling systems use the Internet and local numbers to keep the costs of calls down, so that you can keep in touch with your family for a lower price – meaning there’s no excuse not to give mom or dad a call and let them know how you’re doing.


These are our favourite ways of keeping in touch on the road. Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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