Why I can’t delete my POF profile and the perils of internet dating

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s resorted to internet dating in an attempt to meet ‘the one’? I certainly haven’t met Mr Right, although I have managed to meet his brother (Mr Wrong) and their cousins Mr Awkward, Mr Creepy, Mr Pretentious and Mr I Don’t Have Time. It didn’t take me long (after signing up with my best friend as a joke when we were both having a bit of a rubbish time with blokes) to realise that I should delete my profile and get on with my life (after all I am brilliant, Mr Right can find me) but as hard as I’ve tried, I just can’t bring myself to cut ties with the world of internet dating just yet. Wondering why?

Although I’m almost definitely not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with anybody on POF (Plenty of Fish), there is nothing I love more than browsing. Don’t get me wrong, these sites do make me lose a little faith in the human race but the eclectic and often eccentric mix of people and personalities on the site do offer hope that there I somebody out there for absolutely everybody. Even if you spend evenings watching Mary Poppins with your fish, or whether you’re a recently divorced oil rig worker who performs in drag on the weekends, your ideal is bound to be hidden within the depths of POF. There’s even a man or woman for you if you’re into receiving propositions from Silver Surfers who are willing to pay for your company and buy you presents.

It really is a great cure for boredom to have a flick through people’s profiles to laugh/despair/sift through all the bs so many men and women write on their profiles or even just to give yourself an ego boost, not to mention questioning people’s choice of profile picture. Somebody really should offer training in how to do internet dating effectively (ie, no pictures of you with the ex, full body shots so that we can find out what ‘more to love’ really means, what people are actually going to be interested in reading).

The main reason I decided internet dating wasn’t for me was because of the eclectic mix of weirdos, perverts and utter idiots that were attracted to my profile. I went on one date and was disappointed by my date’s height (I’m 5ft5 and he was shorter than me) and the fact he’d apparently undergone a personality transplant the night before he met me. I’d warned him I wasn’t a slim girl (I’m a dress size 18) and he’d assured me that I was beautiful, but the look of disgust on his face when we met and the lame excuse he gave me before we never spoke again told me otherwise. Of course I’m glad he turned out to be a waste of time and of course internet dating does work for some but the whole ordeal in conclusion is utterly terrifying. I’ve also concluded that the internet is just pure weird. Earlier in the week I sent a Tweet out asking for a Sugar Daddy to pay my way into Glastonbury Festival – low and behold I got an offer.

However, if Mr Right does find me, I promise to delete my POF profile.

I’d also love to hear from anybody who has had success with internet dating and those who love to ‘browse’ for a laugh too! Tweet me: @CarleanneGwen or comment below!

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