Revlon Get Nearly Naked!

Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation range aims to tackle some of the most challenging obstacles in the world of fashion and beauty: finding a foundation that matches skin tone and thoroughly covers, without looking like you are wearing a mask.

No-one understands the troubles of finding a foundation to match skin tone more than the paler fashionistas among us. With Emma Stone (wearing Vanilla) as the new face of this established brand’s range, it’s clear that Revlon are hoping to repair this gap in the make-up market.

Available in 16 shades, the Nearly Naked range has a fairly extensive palette to choose from but it was the palest shade, Ivory, that came under my scrutiny.

Before even leaving the store it was clear that the colour match was the best I’d ever used which is no mean feat. It was not too dark or too yellow and at £8.99 it was certainly offering the most potential in terms of price and quality.

Having used the foundation for several months the shade has remained a perfect match and the consistency is still as smooth as when it was first purchased; I often find that as my foundation ages it gets slightly darker and the consistency becomes a lot less, well, consistent.

However, I feel the foundation is a little thin and watery. It gives good coverage for those with an already fairly even skin tone but to cover up blemishes/ more red patches of skin it takes a lot more of the product.

It would be worth investing in a good concealer to compliment your chosen shade and gain the even and smooth coverage it so promises.

A lack of pump mechanism may also be a draw back for some potential customers. I had never used a foundation without such a mechanism prior to this, although I have found it more than amiable it may not be for everyone.

Despite that, the 30ml product certainly has longevity; without a pump, I expected it to run out comparatively quickly but this has definitely not been the case and having used Revlon’s foundation for several months I still have more than half the bottle left.

Revlon have certainly helped to tackle the lack of pale foundation in the market and their Nearly Naked range stands the test of time, when it comes to maintaining quality and a long lasting product. Pair it with a great concealer and you have the perfect foundation that is sympathetic to your skin tone, wearable all day every day and does its best to make you look as flawless as Emma Stone herself.

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