Has the Dark Knight series changed the way superhero movies are made?

Superhero films have been a regular fixture in cinemas for the past few years. In equal measure, many modern superhero movies have entertained and intrigued us for various reasons, and they look like being here to stay. The recent attempt to reboot the Superman franchise proves that the appetite for the genre among film fans remains strong.

In its first week in the UK and US cinemas, Man of Steel topped the box office lists, outperforming other highly-anticipated releases. Part of the reason why its opening week was a success may have been down to the fact that the new film was a little different from previous attempts to bring Superman to the big screen, portraying him in a slightly different light.


Knight of the realm

Perhaps the main reason why superhero films have been popular is the success of the Dark Knight franchise. After taking on the task of revamping Batman, acclaimed director Christopher Nolan helped to set the standard for modern superhero movies, getting the characters, plotlines and the action right, something that a number of film fans wholeheartedly agree with.

As revealed in a survey by Ladbrokes Games, 19% of males and females said that their favourite superhero movie ever was The Dark Knight. Second in the poll was The Dark Knight Rises, which managed to gain 18% of the vote. A little further back in third place was The Avengers; nearly 16% of people in the survey said it was their favourite.


Travelling in style

Although they’re not integral to the storylines, many superheroes are often judged by how cool their mode of transport is. As well as coming first in the best film category, an overwhelming number of people chose the Batmobile as the coolest superhero vehicle of all time. 62% chose the Caped Crusader’s car, and it’s easy to see why!

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