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For article number one I decided that I would like to introduce myself to my potential readers.

I want others to get a feel for me as a person and a writer rather then jump into writing about something completely random. I know that when I’m reading an article which is fairly opinionated or personal I feel like I need to put a face to a name (to put it metaphorically.) So, without further adieu here is a little extension to my bio…

My name is Hannah Richardson. I am an 18 year old student and have very recently finished my A Levels, biding my time in the barely warm northern summer, looking forward to beginning a BA Fashion journalism university course in London. go big or go home right? I am hoping my degree will lead my to a career in fashion, but I am not completely sure where in fashion I want to be. In print, online, broadcast, glossy mags, newspapers or even working within a brand. Who knows.

I was introduced to Yuppee by a friend who is already a writer and thought it would be an excellent idea to begin my career before it has already started. To get writing experience, get to know other writers and maybe write a few pieces which others might be interested in. If not just to vent my thoughts on the internet. I hope to produce something which is individual, unusual and personal. I want to angle my articles towards fashion to home in on my university course, but will also throw a few curve balls in their too. see you soon!


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