Make-Up That’s Worth A Try…

I’ve been meaning to write reviews for these products for a while now but hadn’t got round to it. I definitely recommend all of them and they are worth giving a try. None of them are particularly ‘high-end’ so they are all reasonably priced and budget-friendly. So here we go..


Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in ‘Permanent Taupe’ and ’24k Gold’ £4.99 each

Unsure about these at first, it took me some time (testing them everytime I went into Boots) and convincing (I’m not a massive eyeshadow fan) to actually get round to buying them. Eventually I chose these two shades for starters. I have to say I was very impressed. The colours may seem a bit vibrant at first but they can be blended and toned down if that’s the look you’re after. The texture is smooth, creamy and easy to apply, but they are a bit messy so I advise the use of an eyeshadow brush here. The wearability is perfect, long-lasting and does NOT fade or melt (I wore them on holiday in scorching heat) and I will definitely be investing in more shades soon.


Loreal Glam Shine Lip Stains in ‘Juliet’ and ‘Romy’ £7.99 each

These were a last-minute duty free purchase for me. They came together in a set but you can buy them all separately. The variety of colours available is great, also with different tones of each shade, and their size makes them practical to carry around. These stains are very glossy and live up to their glam shine name. However, to make the most of their colour, I had to layer them on and apply frequently- this is good in that you can control the intensity of the colour but a bit annoying if you want bold colour. These shades are lovely and I was complimented regularly on the dark red (Juliet). Despite reapplying to get more colour, they lasted ages and left a decent stain. I would buy again but possibly in lighter shades as layering it on to get more impact from these bold shades was a bit annoying.


Keihl’s Eucalyptus Lip Relief Treatment £9.50

Quite pricey for it’s travel-sized tube, but what lip treatment isn’t to be honest. The eucalyptus scent is very strong, which didn’t bother me as I like the smell, but if it’s not for you then a scent-free option is available. The texture is smooth and clear, and gives a shine to your lips when applied. I found this more effective than other lip treatments I have used (such as Blistex and the Sugar Range). Its size means that it’s easy to carry around and works well as a lip balm substitute.


MUA Intense Colour Lip Pencil in ‘Pink Me Up’ £1

Yes, you read right- these cost £1. And was easy applied. And gave great colour. And lasted longer than expensive lipliners I have purchased in the past. How have I not used MUA before? Their whole range possesses every colour you can imagine and it’s all so cheap (prices range from £1 to £5). The lip pencils come with a  built-in sharpener on the lid, unlike other brands where you have to buy them separately. I would also recommend their lipsticks, which are also £1 but you would never think it. Ideal brand for students on a budget or if you want make-up for less.

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