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Men’s fashion is certainly not something I’m in the know about. This is mainly because I’m a female and the men in my life are quite content with a pair of jeans from George at ASDA or think that ‘haute couture’ is a brand of baked beans. I wanted to see what these unknown waters had in store, so I delved into online catwalks recently shown at the London Collections. Embedded throughout were some quite scary features which if I showed to my boyfriend, I think he would run a mile… or two.

The London Collections:MEN, aimed to forecast the trends for Spring/Summer 2014. Here are six of those trends… enjoy.



Okay, so this isn’t that bad. They’ve been made since the 14th Century so must have some use. Made from canvas and rubber, they’re every man’s dream; comfortable. However, you’re not unclenched by the wrath of the fashion industry just yet. Collections by Louboutin gave the espadrille, an er, ‘makeover’. Gone is the canvas and in is the ‘shiny shoe’, so you can look like a walking piece of sandwich wrap, lucky you. However, if the tin foil inspired look isn’t for you, then designer Richard James has the answer. He has adorned the espadrille with sequins… masculine.



Every year, there is always a crazy colour scheme with a hint of nostalgia. Well, in this case it looks as if designers such as Kit Neale have missed a bit 1980’s Germany and brought it back to life for you in 2014. How thoughtful! The crazy colours which are splattered on tees and jackets seem to make an array of colourful cat sick if I’m quite honest. Alongside this trend is the use of neon PVC just to enhance that techno appeal just a little more… Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in.



Tunics, yes, tunics. Quite obviously, I don’t think I’ll be witnessing the good ol’ chaps of Britain wearing such an item of clothing very soon. I think certain places would rather welcome a shiny shoe or a sickening coloured tee over a tunic. Each to their own I guess. Nevertheless, designers who showcased such a design have clearly tried to cater for the multicultural society we live in, providing this Asian inspired cover up. You never know, it may come in handy at the beach and save you from some sunburn… or not.



Admittedly I was a fan of the ‘ombre’ scene. That however, was in early 2012 and it was normally applied to my hair not a T-shirt… I guess the male fashion industry can’t help but take tips from females but it should really try to keep up. Splashed on the catwalk, polos in arrays of pinks and blues gave a real summer feeling. However, I still can’t see a 40 year old bald man warming to this. Rather, I think it’s more suited to a 15 year old girl’s hair.



The bomber jacket is yet again making an appearance for the   spring/summer of 2014! The versatility of such an item, makes it an ever returning piece for designers and out of all the catwalks, this appeared the easiest piece to wear for the typical British man. With a print and colour available to suit every man, the bomber jacket has saved you from the otherwise nasty agenda set up for 2014. If you don’t like bomber jackets then I guess it’s a shiny shoe for you.



I really have left the best until last. The floral scene has become an evergreen feature in the women’s wardrobe. But, for men… well this is new. Alexander McQueen presented a beautiful suit in head to toe orange print flowers. Although this does bring the summer to life, I wouldn’t wear it to the office or a job interview anytime soon…


SO, there you have it. The what to wear for Spring/Summer 2014. Please don’t leave this article feeling like the feminisation of the fashion industry has taken place over your wardrobe, there’s still a year for some things to change. Let’s hope that the shiny shoe does.

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